Ritter Sport Vistors Center, Waldenbuch


ritter sport Waldenbuch, Germany Visitor Center | www.germanyja.comWhen I first visited Germany, I spent my final Deutsche Mark (okay, it was awhile ago, but that doesn’t mean I’m that old) on German chocolate. Most of it was Ritter Sport. I filled any empty spots in my suitcase with it and brought it back to share with family and friends. Now that we live in German and have access to Ritter Sport chocolate almost everywhere, it’s still not any less tempting. I’ve also helped some of my family and friends fill the voids in their suitcases with Ritter Sport squares so they can keep on sharing it.

What makes Ritter Sport so good? In my opinion here are some of their best attributes:

  • The Knick-Pack. Knick means bend or crease and the packaging of Ritter Sport squares is pretty ingenious. First of all, please don’t struggle to open it. Just bend it! When the little squares break away from the rest of the bar the package opens, it also gives you a little flap to re-close it case you have the self control to eat less than the whole bar. This packaging is very minimal and recyclable, which is good for being green. Click here for a fun retro TV commercial about the Knick-Pack. 
  • The ingredients. The chocolate and all the add-ins are high quality. You can taste the difference between a Hershey’s and a Ritter Sport. Hershey’s doesn’t fare well.
  • All the flavors! Crunchy, sweet, fruity, nutty, creamy, or crispy, there is a taste for you. Some flavors are standard. Of course you can get hazelnuts in your chocolate. some are different from the typical American flavors, like corn flakes. Some you can only get at certain seasons, like this summer’s buttermilk lemon. You can never be bored!

ritter sport Waldenbuch, Germany Visitor Center | www.germanyja.comIf you want to make a pilgrimage to the place where Ritter Sport chocolate is born, you can visit the Ritter Sport Visitor’s Center in Waldenbuch, Germany near Stuttgart. It’s located next to the factory and has a few different destinations in the same building.

First off we stopped at the SchokoAusstellung – the Chocolate Exhibition. This mini chocolate museum walks you through the process of making chocolate the Ritter Sport way. Do you know what a chocolate plant looks like? Have you ever tasted a cocoa bean? You will after you’ve visited. You can also find out about the add-ins that are essential to Ritter Sport.

There is a whole section that walks the visitor through the process of making the chocolate, molding and packaging. It shows different recipes used for different bars too. The history of the Ritter Sport company is also on display. It’s fun to see how the packaging of the bar has changed through the years and also take a look at the ads and commercials used through the decades.

ritter sport Waldenbuch, Germany Visitor Center | www.germanyja.comAfter you have thoroughly teased your taste buds by reading about, looking at and even smelling (they have sent machines) the chocolate, it’s time to visit the SchokoShop – Chocolate Shop. You don’t have to go far – it’s just downstairs!

This is Ritter Sport paradise! They have every flavor available, in every size from minis to jumbo. They also have a lot of other “merch” like shirts, phone covers, and toys. In the back of the store you can find some sweet deals. There are grab bags (you can see what’s inside if you are looking for a favorite) and something special that you can’t find in stores – test flavors. They don’t have their full packaging yet, but you can taste new flavors before they make it to the market – if they do. When we were there they had Cranberry mit Schuss, Weisse Joghurt Mousse, Weisse Zimt Crisp, Schoko Brownie, Honig & Crisp, and Aprikose Holunderblüte as the test flavors. They also had a special edition for the 10th anniversary of the museum: Knusper Tortilla Chips. You also might find some chocolate that didn’t meet the quality check – nothing too bad, just cheaper!

They have some pretty cute bags, which you can pay for or you can bring your own. The prices are clearly marked and also marked per ounce so that you can compare.

We didn’t visit Museum Ritter, which is an art museum dedicated to abstract and geometrical art. The featured shape is the square of course! We also decided that we probably had bought our own weight in chocolate at the SchokoShop so we didn’t stop at the cafe.

ritter sport Waldenbuch, Germany Visitor Center | www.germanyja.comTips For Your Trip:

Ritter Sport Waldenbuch website

There is also a flagship store in Berlin. You can read about it in this article on Germany Ja. You can even make your own chocolate bar there!


Ritter Sport
Alfred Ritter- Str. 27
71111 Waldenbuch
phone: +49 (0)7157 974 74


SchokoAusstellung – Chocolate Exhibition
Monday to Friday: 0800 – 1830
Saturday: 0900 – 1800
Sunday: 1100 – 1800

SchokoShop – Chocolate Store
Monday to Friday: 0800 – 1830
Saturday: 0900 – 1800

Museum Ritter – Art Museum
Tuesday – Sunday: 1100-1800

Museum Cafe
October – March: Daily 0900-1800
April – September: Daily 0900-1900

All sites are closed on: Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, 1. May, Whit Sunday, 24. – 26. December, 31. December, January 1 & 6

Parking and Admission:

Both are free – more Euros left to spend on chocolate!


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