Ishin – Best Japanese Restaurant in Berlin?


Ishin Restaurant Berlin, Germany | www.germanyja.comJason and I lived in Japan collectively for 8 years and so of course we are obsessed with Japanese food! We have been hunting around Berlin for some good Japanese food and we have had one absolutely horrendous experience and a few good ones. However, there is one place that we just keep going back to called Ishin Restaurant (means: from the heart). There are five restaurants dotted all over Berlin, but we go to the one in Mittelstraße as it is near Dussmann where we love to get our cheesecake dessert.

In general, it’s impossible to get really delicious fresh fish outside of Japan. However, the exception to this rule is salmon – it seems to be amazing all over the world and Ishin has the best salmon I have had in Germany. You can get a salmon set for less than €10 and as long as you order something to eat you get free green tea and refills. I will let you in on our little secret here (it’s not on the menu, so it’s a real insiders tip): instead of just getting the salmon set, you can get ABURI SALMON SET – the chef uses a blow torch to slightly flame the very top of the salmon. It costs €1 more, but seriously – wow! You get a sweet brown sauce to go with it and it just sits on your tongue and then melts in your mouth. It actually makes me sad when it’s all gone.

And here is one more close-up of the salmon…

Ishin Restaurant Berlin, Germany |

It’s reasonably-priced, good food and there are lots of delicious side orders to choose from. I would recommend the yakitori, hijiki and kimchi as well as the miso soup.

Ishin Restaurant website


Our favorite:

Mittelstraße 24, 10117, Berlin – Mitte

It is near Unter den Linden and the Ubahn Station U+S-Bhf. Friedrichstraße


Hardenbergstraße 19, 10623 Berlin

Bundesallee 203, 10717 Berlin – Wilmersdorf

Schloßstraße 101, 12163 Berlin – Steglitz
In the Galleria Steglitz

Charlottenstraße 16, 10117 Berlin – Mitte
Near Checkpoint Charlie

Opening Hours:

September – April: Monday – Saturday: 1100 – 2200
May – August: Monday – Friday 1130-2200 and Saturday 1200-2200Tel: +49 (0) 30 20 67 48 29

*Note: some of the restaurants take cash only*

Ishin Restaurant Berlin, Germany |

Vanessa published this article first on her site and gladly shared it with Germany Ja!

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