You Know You Live In Korea When…


1. You enter a public restroom and look for the toilet paper before entering the cubicle and then automatically spot the trash can to throw your toilet paper into.
Korean restroom
2. You don’t leave for a grocery shop without shoving at least half a dozen plastic bags in your purse.
3. It’s completely normal to see an adult couple in matching outfits. Head to toe identical outfits are no longer reserved for the under 5s and the fashionably challenged.
4. You automatically pour others’ drinks at dinner before turning away from the table and covering your mouth with your hand to drink your own.
5. The thought of only eating one dish  at meal times suddenly seems incredibly restrictive. Sharing is caring! Especially when it comes to your food!
6. You don’t wait to be greeted and seated when entering a cafe or restaurant. Sit yourself down and wait for the server to get to you.
7. You never tip and always wait for the exact change. Even if that change equates to around 8 U.S. cents.
8. A small bow has become an automatic response to nearly all Korean social exchanges.
9. You never refuse a drink and especially not from an elder; even if the idea of one more soju activates your gag reflex!
10. And lastly, you will instantly notice when another foreigner doesn’t quite adhere to a Korean custom!

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