Kelebek Special Cave Hotel


Kelebek Cave-004

Cappadocia is such an interesting place it should be on your “must do” list while living here in Turkey. There are so many great places to stay in the Cappadocia area; it can be hard to choose. We particularly love staying at Kelebek Special Cave Hotel.

Kelebek is located in Goreme, just up the hill from the main street.

Kelebek Cave-001

Kelebek has many different levels of rooms. They have shared rooms with a bathroom around the corner all the way up to really big suites with fancy bathrooms. Some rooms are cave rooms and some rooms are in the fairy chimneys. We have stayed at Kelebek a few times, never in the same room, and we have loved each room as much as the last. When you call to make your reservation tell them how many people you have, and they will be sure to give you a room that will accommodate your family size.

Kelebek Cave-002

Your room price includes a full Turkish breakfast in the morning.

Kelebek also offers something that other places do not offer, an organic breakfast tour. The breakfast tour is included in your room price. If you are interested in taking the breakfast tour, just let them know when you check in, and they will tell you what time to meet in the morning. You load up on a cart pulled by a tractor, and they take you on a tour of Goreme and serve you breakfast.

Kelebek Cave-003

Kelebek also has a full service restaurant, a full service spa/hamam, a small swimming pool, and a gift shop. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner. We have eaten dinner in their restaurant when we have been there, and it is very good, kid friendly, and fairly reasonably priced. The restaurant has a wonderful view of the beautiful scenery in Cappadocia.

Kelebek Cave

Hotel choices in Cappadocia can be overwhelming, but you will love Kelebek Special Cave Hotel. Make sure to see Cappadocia before you leave Turkey. You will be so glad you did.

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

Pro Tip: If you pay cash for your room, you will get a ten percent discount on the room.

Phone: +90 (384) 271 2531 OR +90 (384) 271 2280



Address: Aydinli Mahallesi, Yavuz Sokak, No:1, 50180 Goreme Nevsehir TURKEY

GPS Coordinates: 38.6313654, 34.8614479

2 thoughts on “Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

  1. Mary Gobble says:

    Is there a good view of the hot air balloons in the morning? I know for some this is particularly important.


  2. Jamey Hooper says:

    Yes there are many vantage points from which you can see the hot air balloons in the morning. Just ask the front desk when you check in and they’ll tell you where you can best see them.


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