Kizkalesi (The Maiden’s Castle)



Roughly two hours from Adana, in Kizkalesi, you can drink in a little piece of paradise, with a twist of medieval times and a splash of touristy fun.

Nestled beside the ruins of two magnificent castles, are beaches that offer a variety of enjoyable options. Just beyond the Korykas Castle (on the land) and just shy of The Maiden’s Castle (in the sea), is a less crowded beach with limited parking. If you plan to use this one, bring your own chairs, umbrellas and other desired beach gear since you will not find chair or umbrella rentals here.


Just beyond the gigantic, yellow Barbarossa Club & Hotel sign, you will find a beach that is likely more crowded, but provides rental options for umbrellas, chairs and various types of inflatable rafts and other types of beachy fun.


Conveniently placed at the heart of the two beaches is an assortment of local vendors. An variety of local foods, beverages and hand-dipped ice cream cones can be found there. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, this is where you will find boat rides to the castle, and the option to parasail around and above it.


Restrooms are located in this central area. A one lira fee is charged for these facilities.



For only ten lira per adult (children ride free) the staff at Kizkalesi Iskelesi (Kizkalesi Pier) provide a short boat ride to the castle. They dock briefly to let passengers off at the castle and return after roughly 20-30 minutes. The castle entrance fee is five lira per adult (no fee for children). Before the boat returns, you will have plenty of time to explore the dark stairwells and take in fantastic views from the high walls of the castle.

Pro Tip: Comfortable walking shoes would be best for exploring this castle’s many stairwells and rocky surfaces.

With this variety of options, it’s hard not to have fun in Kizkalesi! Happy exploring to you all!

Approximate Address: Toroslar Mahallesi, Duman Sokak No:2, 33790 Kızkalesi Belediyesi/Erdemli/Mersin, Turkey

GPS Coordinates: 36.4667, 34.1500

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