Vapiano, Kaiserslautern


While wandering around the new K in Lautern mall recently, my husband and I spotted the grand opening of a new restaurant across the street. We couldn’t wait to try it out this weekend.

Vapiano is a franchise and according to the Vapiano website the chain has over 150 restaurants in 29 countries. The advantage of this is their menu is online and the experience is consistent over most of the restaurants.

When we walked through the main entrance, there was a woman behind a desk in front of the escalator. She gave us a card that looked like a credit card, which we were told would be used to keep a running tab. They also provided us with an English language menu.

Vapiano Kaiserslautern Germany | www.germanyja.comWe had no idea before we arrived that it would be a fast food experience but with first class food. There is a large counter area that has different lines for pasta, pizza and antipasto/salad.

Vapiano Kaiserslautern Germany |

After browsing the menu we decided that we would have bruschetta first and then go back for our entrees after. We lined up in the antipasto line and ordered our starter and drinks, at which point we were asked to place our little ‘credit card’ onto a black box. The amount showed up on the screen, which would be paid when we left for the evening.

Vapiano Kaiserslautern Germany |

The restaurant had free seating, in a communal set up. Think IKEA. It is set up so that if you are a couple, you may be sitting opposite another couple if it is busy. We ate at 1800 on a Friday night and there was plenty of seating for everyone to have his or her own table. The tables were set up with fresh basil, chili infused olive oil, balsamic, olive oil and salt and pepper. Attentive staff quickly cleared trays and empty plates away.

Vapiano Kaiserslautern Germany |

The bruschetta was outstanding – better than we have had in any restaurant, including in Italy. We ordered our mains from the pasta line where we watched the skilled chef make our pasta to order in front of us. Several minutes later and we were eating delicious, fresh, clean-tasting pasta.

Vapiano Kaiserslautern Germany | www.germanyja.comAll staff spoke English on the night we were there. The restaurant was open plan and included a separate bar where alcoholic drinks and dessert could be ordered. The clientele included couples, families, teenagers and families with young children.

We paid at the counter at the top of the escalators on our way out. The card we had used throughout the meal was scanned and the total read out. Our meal of bruschetta, shrimp pasta, pesto pasta and two Coca-Colas cost around 26 euros. We were given a side of bread for free.

I would absolutely recommend Vapiano – we can’t wait to return!

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Fackelcenter, Richard-Wagner-Strasse 1
Kaiserslautern 67655


Monday-Thursday 1100-2400
Friday/Saturday 1100-0100
Sunday/Public holidays 1200-2300


Paid parking available in the K in Lautern mall


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