Saturday Homegoods Market, North Adana


Sat Homegoods Market-006

I’ve always known this market to be called the “Saturday Women’s Market,” but it’s definitely not just for women.

I can’t quite decide what this market should be called. It could be the “Saturday Knockoff Market” or the “Saturday Homegoods Market,” or even the “Saturday Super Walmart Market.”

Sat Homegoods Market-005 Sat Homegoods Market-003

Whatever you want to call it, I’m going to call it fantastic! It has clothes, household goods, linens, curtains, toys, kitchen gadgets and more. It has plenty of “authentic replicas”: purses, clothes and shoes. Nike. Hilfiger. Gap. Prada. Louis V. They’re all there.

Sat Homegoods Market-001 Sat Homegoods Market-002

Outside of this covered market, there are many food vendors making fresh Sikma, selling Simit, and various other Turkish foods.

Sat Homegoods Market-004

The market starts around 9:30-10am, and is very crowded from 11-2pm. It starts to wind up around 4pm. The market is covered, so it’s open rain or shine, year round.

As far as taking small children, I’ve taken both my large double stroller before and my smaller umbrella stroller, and while I was glad for the room to carry shopping bags on the large stroller, I am really glad for the size of the smaller stroller. As I mentioned above, the market gets very crowded. Even in the early morning, it is hard to make it down the aisles due to the crowds of people. I usually don’t prefer to take my small kiddos just because it gives me a little more freedom to navigate the crowds.

Sat Homegoods Market Sat Homegoods Market-007

I’m so thankful for my previous neighbor showing me this market, and I’m always eager to tell people about this market just because it has so much in one place.

The market is located in north Adana, near the lake. The area of Turgut Ozal is a really fun area of Adana, with its great selection of restaurants at the lake and coffee shops like Gloria Jeans.

Saturday Homegoods Market, North Adana

Hours: Saturdays 9:30-4pm

Payment: TL preferred. Some vendors claim to take credit cards, but I would suggest TL only.

Parking: Is on the street, wherever you can find a spot no charge. I usually have success finding parking on the street of Anadolu Lisesi Cad.

Address (general area): Yurt Mahallesi, Anadolu Lisesi Caddesi No:1, 01170 Çukurova/Adana

GPS Coordinates: 37.051416, 35.284225

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