Çobandede Türbesi Park & Zoo


Çobandede Türbesi

If you’re looking for a fun place to visit in Adana, we found it.

A nice, clean park with a mini zoo and waterfalls.

Çobandede Türbesi -006

Çobandede Türbesi -002

Çobandede Türbesi -001

Our kids loved exploring this park. It’s near the lake. You can climb up the stairs and little walkways to the top of the hill. On your way there you will find waterfalls, shade, a few little shops selling toys and jewelry as well as a little stand with ice cream.

Çobandede Türbesi -005

Çobandede Türbesi -003

There’s a lot of room for kids to run around. On the top of the hill is a Mosque for women. Lastly, there’s a mini zoo with ducks, chickens, monkeys and rabbits. Everything is free and there’s parking on the street.

Çobandede Türbesi -004

Address: Karslılar Mh., 01170 Çukurova/Adana

GPS Coordinates: 37.061763, 35.29786279999996

Google Map 

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