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ExitGames Stuttgart sign | www.germanyja.comHave you heard about escape rooms, a new type of destination? The concept is simple, but the thrill is high: You are locked in a room for 60 minutes and you have to use your wits and problem solving skills to escape. It’s like being in your own video game, game show and mystery novel all at once! After lots of recommendations from our friends, we decided to check it out ourselves!

The first escape room we tried was Exit Games Stuttgart and we were thrilled by the experience!

Reserve a Room!

You will need to reserve a room for your group. To do so, go through the website and email Exit Games Stuttgart with your request. We found that they were very quick to respond and book our reservation. They only take cash and only once you are there, so you do not have to pay online to reserve your spot.

We reserved the 1960s style room. There is also a “Horror” room at the same location. In a different location in Stuttgart is a “Bio-Hazzard” room. The bio-hazard room wasn’t completed when we visited, but they explained that in this room you will have to solve the clues to save the world from a virus. This room is actually two identical rooms, meaning that two groups can play against each other to see who can solve the clues the fastest.

ExitGames Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comChoose Your Team!

You will reserve the room for one hour. You can bring 2-6 people to solve the puzzles and break out. The room reservation is the same price at Exit Games no matter if you have 2 or 6 people. Exit Games’ website says they are for people 18 years and older. When we went we had four adults. I’ve heard of other escape rooms allowing in children with their families, but I would check with them first.

Getting There!

Before you can escape, you have to find it! The Exit Games Stuttgart is located in the basement levels of an apartment building near the university and the Altes Schloss. The building isn’t marked with any large signage so you will need to start your problem solving a little early.

We parked at the FORUM Haus der Architekten a few blocks away (address below) and walked. Alternatively, the U-Bahn station “Dobelstraße” is less than a half block away.

There is a small sign on the alley leading off the main street. Go around to the back of the building and you will see one of the doorbells marked with “Exit Games.” Task one is complete! You have arrived!

ExitGames Stuttgart staff |www.germanyja.comYour Briefing

Arrive 15 minutes early for a briefing. The briefs are in English or German, your choice. Our “referee” for the evening explained the rules of engagement.

  • He would literally lock us in the room and the timer would start. We had 60 minutes to find another identical key to unlock the room from the inside.
  • He would be able to see us with video cameras and be in contact with walkie talkies. If we felt like we needed a clue we could ask and he said that most teams need at least one clue.
  • There were some items that were vintage or fragile that shouldn’t be moved, but you could touch them. Those items were marked with a sticker. He asked that we not move the furniture and assured us that we wouldn’t find any clues by moving furniture or otherwise trashing the room!
  • There are no pictures allowed in the rooms so that no clues leak out and spoil the fun!

Find Your Way Out!

And after that he locked us in and we were off! The four of us started scrambling through the room. Some clues were easy to find, but we didn’t always know what they meant as soon as we found them. Others were hard to find, but once we found them, they were easily solved. Most clues lead to other clues until they all came together for our solution. (How’s that for vague? I don’t want to give anything away!)

The room was in a cellar and was kitch-ed out with 1960’s decorations. Imagine your grandma and grandpa just never got around to redecorating after the 60’s. Some of the clues also pertained to the 60’s, but you didn’t have to live through that decade to understand. In true 1960’s fashion, there is no cell phone or wi-fi connection in the room, so don’t think of using that lifeline.

Our helper was on the other side of the walkie talkie and gave us a few hints where needed. There were two clues that required experience in Germany pre-2002 and another that needed some German vocabulary knowledge. He helped us out with those. Everything else was either language-neutral (think math and numbers) or the clues were in both English and German.

The clues all came together to solve the master problem – finding the key. You are not going to find the key to get you out of the room by chance – solve the clues. It was fun to work together on this; what stumped one person could be figured out by the others. It would have been super hard if not impossible for any one of us to get out of the room on our own. We needed our teammates!

We did find our key within 60 minutes! We had around 10 minutes to spare. Victory was ours!

Afterwards we enjoyed talking to our referee/helper. He had been working there for around a year and is a university student, like many of the others who work for Exit Games Stuttgart. His job includes briefing the customers, watching and helping as needed from the outside, and then resetting the room afterwards so that everything was back in place for the next set of detectives.

We actually didn’t pay until after the whole experience was complete. The price for the room for an hour was €90.00. For that price we could have brought anywhere from 2-6 people into the room. Our time there included the brief beforehand and a little de-brief at the end.

Tips for Your Trip:

Address (60’s Room and Horror/Freaky Room):

Hohenheimer Str. 54
70184 Stuttgart

If you choose the Bio-Hazzard room the location is different:

Ulmenstraße 1
70199 Stuttgart

Parking near the Hohenheimer Venue:

Danneckerstraße 54
70182 Stuttgart

ExitGames Stuttgart entrance | www.germanyja.comNearby U-Bahn Station:

Dobelstraße stop is on the U5, U6, U7 and U12 lines, just two stops off from the Charlottenplatz Station.


€90.00 per room for 60 minutes. 2-6 adults can participate per room/per hour


There are no walk-ins. You MUST reserve your room. To do so visit the Exit Games Stuttgart webpage. 

Photo credits: The photos used to make the room collage and the photo from the U-Bahn station are credited to the ExitGames Stuttgart webpage and Facebook page. All other photos credited to author. 



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