State Horticulture Show (Landesgartenschau), Landau


State Horticulture Show (Landesgartenschau), Landau | www.germanyja.comIf you are looking for a day trip from the Kaiserslautern area and love flowers as much as I do, a trip to Landau is just what you need.  The Landesgartenschau or State Horticulture Show is being hosted in Landau from 17 April to 18 October, 2015.

The show has transformed a section of the city into a new community.  There are new homes, gardens and a playground to enjoy.  The developers have also turned warehouses into exhibition halls where flower artists have created beautiful displays to give you decorating or landscaping ideas at your own home.

State Horticulture Show (Landesgartenschau), Landau | www.germanyja.comOne of my favorite parts of the garden show was the main walk way through Theodor-Heuss-Platz where you can sit in oversized plastic couches, relax and look at all of the beautiful flowers.

The show covers a large area, so there were no really crowded spots and you can strolls around at your leisure. We also enjoyed the pictures posted throughout the show to allow visitors to see what the surrounding area looked like prior to the new development. There are also plenty of activities for children to include a playground, oversized chess and checkers game boards and a Ferris wheel!

The common grounds of the community also included a physical fitness course and a beautiful water garden. Interestingly enough, Kaiserslatuern had its own Landesgartenschau in 2010. The resulting park area, known as the Gartenschau, is still a popular spot for locals and tourist alike.

State Horticulture Show (Landesgartenschau), Landau | www.germanyja.comTips for Your Trip:


Georg Friedrich Dentzel Straße 1
76829 Landau in der Pfalz


Children, born 2008 and and later: free of charge
Youths / children born 1997–2007: € 4.00
Adults: € 15.00
Evening ticket (from 1730 on): € 8.00
Small family (One adult with own children): €18.00
Large family (Two adults with own children): €33.00


Daily: 0900-2100


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