Mokjang 99: Daegu’s Ultimate Korean Barbecue Buffet


If you miss Golden Corral in the U.S. or simply want to stuff yourself, put on your “Thanksgiving pants” and head to Mokjang 99, a Korean barbecue buffet that’s located in downtown Daegu.

Mokjang 99


Once you sit down, a waiter or waitress will come around and get your drink order for drinks other than water. Each table has its own grill for your party to cook meat or vegetables on. You are free to load up on as much raw meat, seafood, veggies and side dishes before returning back to cook them. The buffet also served fruit, corn, kimchi, various sauces, cheese-stuffed rice cakes (tteok bokki,) and much more. The meat options were delicious and included beef, pork and even liver!

Adjacent to the buffet, you may cook up your own ramen, too and throw an egg on it at the end! Lastly, you can finish off on a sweet note with fresh soft serve ice-cream.

The service was decent and the waitress even came to scrape off our grill of the excess charred substance. Koreans believe it is carcinogenic so we appreciated her attention to this detail.

Be wary of how much meat you bring back to the table to cook. You may fill up quickly and you will be charged for the excess raw meat that you didn’t get around to cooking. Wasting food is not a good look anyway but here you’ll be charged for it!

Mokjang 99 Korean Buffet, Daegu

Mokjang 99Hours: Open for both lunch and dinner

Price for “all you can eat” – unlimited portions of various traditional Korean foods:
Lunch – 9,900 won per person
Dinner – 10,900 per person

Address: 대구광역시중구공평동
14-31 Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu

GPS Coordinates: 35.8694408, 128.59862739

Location: This restaurant is adjacent to the popular bar, Thursday Party Draft House, in downtown Daegu on the infamous foreigner bar street. It’s on the second floor and has tables with large open windows so you can enjoy people-watching or later in the night, the tunes of Thursday Party. The bar street in Romanized Hangul is called Dongseong-ro 3-gil.


View from restaurant (to help orient you as you look for Mojang 99)

Mokjang 99

2 thoughts on “Mokjang 99: Daegu’s Ultimate Korean Barbecue Buffet

  1. Charisse says:

    Thanks for sharing this place! I’ve only been there once when we first arrived a little over a year ago when a friend guided us there. Unfortunately, we were so unfamiliar with downtown at the time that we had no idea how to get back there. Now it’ll be easier to find with your post.


  2. Katelyn says:

    That’s great to hear, Charisse! One of my favorite things about Korea Ye is that it really is a community of people helping people!


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