Suseong Lake, Daegu



Located near our apartment building is Suseong Lake. A manmade waterfall greets you at the entrance of the lake. I have taken my toddler for numerous walks around the path that surrounds it. It’s a great location to take your family, have a picnic lunch and enjoy nature. A nice view of the mountains can be seen and enjoyed from this location.

path1 outdoor2


In addition to the walking path, the lake also offer many amenities that includes a paddle boat rental service. The paddle boats are in the shape of ducks and can be rented at half hour increments. It accommodates 2 or 4 person seats and a great way to get some exercise while floating around the lake.

duck_row ducks_lined2.JPG

We finally had a chance to take our son on a ride. He was very apprehensive about the ride and looked so serious, but whenever I asked him if he was having fun, he just nodded yes.

restuarants      selfie

An amusement park specifically suited for toddlers can be found right off the walking path. It has coin operated games and rides, as well as mini rollercoasters. There are several rides and carnival type game booths along with prizes to win. Food vendors that offer carnival fare are available near the amusement park. An ice skating rink is also found near this area.

jensen1 amusement_park

Among the many varieties of restaurants and coffee shops located around the lake, some have outdoor seating and provide a great view of the lake. It is a great option when the weather is cooperative. My favorite of the restaurants is the Snow Factory. It is an old plane converted into a dessert café that serves flavored ice shaving and also pasta and pizza. My son loves it! He loves planes and this allows him to visit one without taking a flight.


Vendors can be seen setting up along the walking path, mostly on weekends, but a few show up to sell fresh produce all week. I like to support local farmers and I can usually save money due to their lower prices than what you can normally get at the commissary.


Recently, you can also rent bicycles to ride around the lake. These were available a couple blocks on our street leading to the lake. Interesting how large the bike’s tires are; I wonder if that makes it a smoother ride.


I have also joined in on group exercise that is held in the courtyard. It was a Zumba like class and I was trying to ask who I had to pay for the attendance fee. I approached the instructor and I believe there is a fee, but she wouldn’t take my money. I think it’s because I joined in after it was already half way through the class. They welcomed and attempted to communicate with me as best they could. One lady wrapped her arm around mine and proceeded to walk with me along with her friends. It never ceases to amaze me how friendly and open Koreans can be.


They have basketball and badminton courts located next to the courtyard. Public restrooms are also available on both opposite sides of the lake. The walking path can get a bit dusty, but to alleviate the dirt and dust getting stuck on your shoes, compressed air stations are located on both ends of the lake to allow you to blow away any that may have hitched a ride. Not only is it handy for shoes, I’ve also used it to blow away the dust from Jensen’s stroller.



The docks near the water also doubles as a stage for musical performances. A laser light show is also another form of entertainment that is free to the public. My building is so close that I can see the lasers illuminate the side of the adjacent apartment building. I still haven’t had a chance to see the show myself. Multiple benches located around the lake for easy viewing of the water fountains synchronized with the light show makes a nice cozy place to view the show.

Not only does the lake provide recreational purpose, but serves as a reservoir that provides water for the city. Large solar panels are used to generate electricity used by the facilities. I’m amazed at the emphasis on recycling and conservation that Korea enforces.

Numerous festivals are also held here. I’ve attended the annual Suseong Lake Festival and they had a flea market this past April. Around springtime, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the lake is even more beautiful. This year, spring was my favorite time of the year. I love the cherry blossoms and smell of green grass and trees coming back to life after a long winter nap.


I love the fact that Suseong Lake is walking distance from our building and all these amenities are just a nice stroll away. It is one of the many features I loved when we were apartment hunting.

Suseong Lake, Daegu

Approximate Address: 473-2 Sang-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

Approximate GPS Coordinates: 35.8276074, 128.61377600000003

Directions: The easiest way I can describe how to get there from Camp Walker is to exit gate 4, then proceed to the first intersection and follow the natural bend of the road toward the bridge. Once you pass over the bridge, continue until you see Home plus on the right. Take a right and you will see the monorail tracks running parallel on this road. Proceed on this road and you will see signs to Suseong Lake. The waterfalls will be on your left right after a large intersection and the lake on the right.

By Public Transportation:

Departing from Banwoldang station (Downtown):

  • Come out EXIT 1 at Banwoldang station
  • Proceed to the bus stop directly in front of you
  • Take bus 401
  • Get off at Suseongmot (17 stops)
  • Suseong Lake is on your left

You could also take the monorail from any location and stop at the Suseong Lake station. By taxi, tell your driver “sue sung mote”(Suseong Lake in Korean).

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