Daegu Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour


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My mom came to visit us from the US, and since I hadn’t done the hop-on, hop-off bus tour yet, I decided it would be a good time to that. She and I took my toddler on a bus tour local in our new hometown.  The tour bus stops all over town and they had one in Suseong Lake. Very convenient for us since it was walking distance from the apartment. Once you board the bus, the driver will sell you the ticket and it is good for the entire day. A brochure was available with all the stops listed and you are able to get off and on whenever and wherever you please.

bus stop1

It was a great way to see the city and with the option to sit on the 2nd deck open or in the air conditioning to stay cool. You don’t even have to get off at any stops if you don’t feel like it. Jensen fell asleep on my lap so we decided to stay on and let him sleep a bit until he woke up. Our first stop was Apsan and we climbed up the mountain and stopped by the War Memorial area.

mom1 mom3

We climbed some more and bought a snack and some water from a nearby store. Jensen enjoyed the corn on a stick and we took some photos. Spring was in full swing and we took advantage of the fully blooming flowers and captured it with our cameras.


Unfortunately it was getting late and we only had a chance to get off the bus in Apsan. With all the other stops, we spent about 3 hours on the bus and another at the foot of the mountain. We headed home and decided to do the siteseeing on our own. At least we knew where it was and I can simply drive there myself.

We disembarked at the same point we started at Suesong Lake. I highly recommend this tour bus for anyone visiting Daegu. I’ve always loved this type of bus tour since it affords you the convenience of seeing the city and you can hop off and on at any time of the day, depending on the schedule. Just be aware of the last pick up from any location as you may not want to be left behind and need to find another way back to your hotel.

sign1    sign2

While the tour will pick up at any stop, the starting point is at Dongdaegu train station. Each ticket costs 5,000 won and will be stamped with the current date. It is not necessary to buy and start at Dongdaegu since each driver will sell you a ticket at any pick up point. Valid all day, present the ticket at each stop in order to board any bus on the route. Each stop is clearly marked and have a schedule posted on the board.

Website: http://eng.daegucitytour.com

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