Centreville Asterium & LS Avenue


Centreville Asterium


My family and I are always looking for new restaurants to try out in the city of Seoul. We love trying all different kinds of foods and that’s something we really love about living in Seoul… the never ending food options! It’s even more wonderful when you find a bunch of new restaurants to try very close to home!

Centreville Asterium-001


Last week while we were on an afternoon walk we stumbled upon a very cool place. We were walking past the new Asterium apartment buildings near gate 13 of Yongsan Garrison base. We don’t live far from there and were looking for a shortcut to get to the Ipark mall. While passing the apartment building, we saw an elevator out front near the street that said “Food Court B1” and that was all it said. So we decided to take the elevator down to level B1 and check it out and we are so glad that we did!

Centreville Asterium-005

When we got off the elevator we discovered that we were in a place called Centreville Asterium, a place with several different types of restaurants to choose from! We were shocked that we have lived in this area for 10 months and never knew of this place until now. If you like Vietnamese, there is a place called Pho Bay. If you want Chinese, there is an American style Chinese restaurant called Rak’N Wok.

Centreville Asterium-004

Centreville Asterium-007

There are also Korean restaurants to choose from including The BOB, DubuMania, Gimgane and many others. If you’re looking for dessert and coffee there are many options here to try here. We tried A Twosome Place that has amazing desserts. During the summer months in Korea, shaved ice flakes served with sweet fruits is a very popular and refreshing treat to try! We loved ours from there. There was even a Subway if you are looking for a quick sandwich.

Centreville Asterium-006

Centreville Asterium-008

Centreville Asterium-011

As we walked around the Centreville food court we saw a connecting hallway that had signs stating that the subway entrance and LS Avenue was that way. So we decided to check that area out too and came across several more restaurants in LS Avenue and many retail shops. We saw more Korean and Japanese restaurants and also a Burger King. A large Sketchers shoe store was there also which I was very excited to find since that’s my favorite shoe brand.

Centreville Asterium-012 Centreville Asterium-010

These two connecting food courts and shopping areas are very modern and connected to the subway by line 4 at Sinyongsan station exit. During the day it appears to be a very popular area for Koreans working nearby to go to for lunch breaks. In the evenings it seems to be much less crowded there. A great place to go for dinner! If you are looking for new food places and restaurants, I recommend checking it out.

Centreville Asterium-003 Centreville Asterium-002

If you choose to drive over to get here, there is parking available in the underground parking garage at the Asterium buildings. The have seven underground levels of parking there.

Hours: 10:00 to 22:00

Address: 189 Hangangro-2ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

GPS Coordinates: 37.5275201, 126.96894840000004

Subway: Line 4, Sinyongsan Station exit.

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