Old Adana Fish Market


With this post, I would like to take you to school – a school of fish, that is.


The Old Adana Fish market street is located on 3001 Sk. just south of the Atatürk statue (at GPS: 36.986157, 35.325283 along the Incirlik dolmuş route).


Navigating the traffic and parking of Old Adana may seem like an upstream battle, but it’s worth the effort. Consider coming before noon and throwing your anchor down at one of the many Otoparks in the area for 5-7TL (one idea is: Çok Katlı Otopark, near the Yag Cami Mosque GPS: 36.983404, 35.326809)


Our family looked at all the vendors and gave our business to Kaya Balik Çilik. They had the best prices and turned out to be a one-stop fish shop. They have fresh fish, a small vegetable and fruit market as well as a fantastic restaurant.


Their on-location restaurant has a fried or grilled fish plate for 15-20 TL or a delicious fried fish sandwich for 4 TL. They have spacious upstairs seating and they are open 7-days a week (did I mention that their fish sandwich is incredible?).


Adana Kebabs come and go, but fish STICKS. You won’t find many crustaceans here, but don’t get crabby: there are plenty of options. Shrimp for 20-30TL per kilo, Sea Bass, Sole & Mackerel for 18-20TL per kilo.


We bought two kilos of shrimp and three fish. Then we sat and had a cup of chai while they cleaned our fish and shrimp. I’m not kidding. They completely shelled and deveined our shrimp AND cleaned our fish for no extra cost. It was incredible.


We went home and grilled an amazing fish and shrimp dinner with peppers, an arugula salad and fresh peaches for nine people and we paid only 70TL for all of it!


There might be other fish in the sea, but after going to the fish market in Old Adana, I think that I may have found my favorite!

Old Adana Fish Market

Payment: TL

(Remember: You’ll need to bring Lira or you’ll be fishing for trouble as most of the shops do not have updated credit card systems accepting foreign cards.)

Hours: 100-2200, 7-days a week

Address: Kaya Balik Restaurant Sucuzade Mh. 01030 Seyhan/Adana Turkey

GPS Coordinates: 36.984306, 35.324511

Directions: When you look on Google maps, 3001 Sk. is the name of the fish market street. It is just off Saydam Cd. Look for Ikizler Pastry shop located at the corner of Saydam and 3001 (in the summer, you can smell the air and know that you’re getting close). If you’re coming in on the Dolmuş, I suggest that you get off at the Atatürk statue (at GPS: 36.986157, 35.325283) and walk south on Saydam. If you’re driving, park as close as you are able and enjoy walking around a bit. Saydam Cd. is full of some great herb and spice shops. You can also easily outfit your kitchen with fabulously inexpensive cooking resources in the area while drinking a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

India and her crew had (fish) buckets of fun putting this post together for us, and provided us with the following outtakes from the process. Laugh at your own risk.

I went to Old Adana today and this is what I have to say.

The fish is mighty fresh you don’t really need to know the rest.

I went to change Old Adana, but Old Adana changed me.

Ain’t no party like an old Adana party, because an old Adana party don’t stop.

Love can mean many different things to many different people.
To me, love is a four letter word. I spell it F-I-S-H.

2 thoughts on “Old Adana Fish Market

  1. Monica Merrifield says:

    How exciting, India and crew! Thank you for the buckets of fun and useful information! 🙂


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