Family Fun at Ekotepe


I recently went to visit Ekotepe on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Adana. I chose Ekotepe because it was one of the many great recommendations on Turkey Tamam. Sure enough, I was not disappointed.

Ekotepe fruit stand-001

Since the first article was publish, there is now a little market stand selling Organik marinated olives, oils, pomegranate flower, and fresh eggs from the farm. There is also a great fresh fruit & vegetable stand down the main road about a quarter mile from the entrance. You pass it on the way to Ekotepe and you pass it as you’re heading back home. Definitely cannot miss it. They sell heirloom tomatoes, watermelon, potato, onions, garlic, mushrooms, peppers just to name a few. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

Ekotepe fruit stand

Aside from the good food, there is a lot more to do here. Both children and adults alike will enjoy exploring the trails of Ekotepe as there are so many animals to see. They have dogs, cats, ducks, squirrels, horses, sheep, cows, chickens, quail, geese, peacocks and even a monkey. The best part is that you can get up-close to most of these docile animals. My kids loved petting and feeding the horses.


Something that is fairly new at Ekotepe is ATV rental. We visited last year and didn’t see this offered, but some families that have visited more recently highly recommend the ATV tours. You can rent an ATV for 20TL per 15 minutes and explore the trails of Ekotepe, even through the mountains and water.

Spring is a great time to visit since the weather is cooler and everything is in bloom. However, this is the most popular time to visit so it may be a little more crowded. If you don’t have a car, or you’d just rather go with a group, the Community Center offers trips to Ekotepe every once and a while. When we went, the cost was $5 per person for a seat on the bus, plus the cost of the buffet.

If you have young children, like we do, here are a few Pro Tips:

The Community Center bus ride is free for lap children 2 and under

The restaurant does have highchairs

The farm and trails are not stroller friendly so plan to bring a sling or baby carrier if your little one cannot walk yet;

The animals are really docile and use to children “running” at them (we didn’t have any incidences with our 2 year old chasing the birds or petting the horses)

The monkey will grab through the fence so be sure to stand a few feet back (he took my hair-tie off of my wrist when I got too close – crazy!)

You can arrange for pony rides for the kids.

Two more important things to mention: 1.) There is a gentlemen there that speaks good English. 2.) You can email or call Ekotepe before going to get more information and make reservations for the brunch, ATV rental and/or to arrange a pony ride for your kids.


Payment: Everything is charged in TL 676

Hours: Saturday & Sunday, Self-Serve Breakfast 10:00am – 1:30pm & Lunch 1:30-6:00pm


Telephone: 0322-561 23 42

Website: and

Address: Kuzgun köyü no:89 Karaisalı-Adana map

Coordinates: N 37°08’21.9″ E 35°06’17.4″

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