How To Visit Jjimjilbangs (Spas) in Daegu



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Jjimjilbangs are large gender-segregated bathhouses in Korea that offer a good cleansing and cleaning, saunas, overnight sleeping, massage chairs, PC rooms and much more. I personally love the saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs to detox, relax and release any congestion from colds, air pollution or allergies.

  1. When you enter the Jjimjilbang, you’ll be given an option to just pay for the sauna – which is cheaper – or to pay about 2,000 won extra for special clothes and access to the jjimjilbang, which is the unisex area where you can visit healing rooms, sleep, watch TV or socialize.
  2. When you enter the gender-specific rooms, you’ll first be given a locker to place your shoes as the first step.
  3. Then, you’ll be given a locker for your clothes and personal belongings with a key and number that you can wear around your wrist or ankle.
  4. Now you are nude and you should shower before stepping into the hot tubs or entering the saunas.
  5. You can spend as much time here but listen to your body and make sure that you don’t overheat nor overdo the saunas. I find about 20 minutes is sufficient.
  6. Enjoy alternating between the cold pool, the hot tubs, powerful shower heads and the saunas.
  7. You can even pay an extra amount to be sufficiently scrubbed down by an older Korean in a cornered off section.
  8. If you paid extra for the JJimjilbang, you can put on the loose-fitting shirt and shorts given to you at the desk and wander into the Jjimjilbang for further exploration and relaxation.
  9. When you leave, you simply gather your belongings, drop your towel and Korean clothes in the baskets, and leave the keys in the designated lockers.

Pro Tip: Drink at least a liter of water before the saunas and another liter after the saunas so you don’t feel dizzy or nauseous from dehydration.

My top 3 visited Jjimjilbangs in Daegu


  1. Greenville Spa
    1. Cost: 5,000 won for just sauna, 7-8,000 won for sauna plus JJimjilbang
    2. Location: Take the subway to Banwoldang and leave at exit 1. Walk straight about 20 meters and you’ll see a sign to the right next to a café. Enter the building and follow the signs to Greenville which is located in the Basement level of the building.
    3. Plus: It has a steam room!
    4. Minus: It is rather small so go on a weekday


  2. Elybaden
    1. Cost: varies depending on the day of the week and what facilities you’d like to visit. We paid 12,000 for the sauna and Jjimjilbang on a Sunday
    2. Location: Take the subway to Sangin Station on line 1. Exit at exit 5 and walk about 20 minutes and it will be on your left about a couple of blocks off the main road. Address: 1558 Sangin-dong (8-6 Sanginseo-ro), Dalseo-gu, Daegu, South Korea
    3. Plus: It is very expansive, classy, clean and spacious. It has numerous facilities including a cafeteria, massage beds and a water park.
    4. Minus: A little pricier than the others.


  3. Home Spa World
    1. Cost: 8,000 won for the Jjimjilbang and sauna
    2. Location: (map) This spa is conveniently located near Apsan so it’s perfect after a hike. You can take the subway line 1 to Daemyeong and hop in a taxi for a five minute ride to the spa.
    3. Plus: This spa is very spacious and beautiful. The Jjimjilbang area has some great mineral stone rooms and an ice-cold room, too.

Although there are numerous to choose from, these three are my most visited Jjimjilbangs for location, quality and price. The sauna areas are typically open from 6am to 11pm and the Jjimjilbangs are open 24 hours. I recommend spending about three hours in the larger spas to take advantage of a break from the hectic city life!

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