Starnbergersee (Lake Starnberg)


Lake StarnbergThis weekend, the weather finally permitted us some warm weather and somewhat blue skies to make an afternoon trip to Starnbergersee (Lake Starnberg) just 16 miles southwest of Munich. With the S-Bahn, the lake is easily reachable every 15-20 minutes.

img_9553Starnbergersee is Germany’s 5th largest freshwater later and enjoys beautiful views of Zugspitze from the Starnberg shore. It is a fantastic place for a family outing, even with little ones and bikers!

There are a lot of interesting facts about this beautiful lake

  • The small village of Berg, not far from Starnberg is where crazy King Ludwig II of Bavaria was mysteriously found dead, along with his doctor.
  • The lake was formed due to ice age glaciers melting.
  • The small island of Roseninsel has a royal villa for King Ludwig II of Bavaria.
  • In the town of Possenhofen, you can find the Possenhofen Castle which has been turned into a museum for Empress Elizabeth of Austria (Sisi) who spent her childhood here.



4A perfect destination to soak up some sun, we meandered around a portion of the lake when the train let us off. We plopped down on a small pier and dangled our feet over the water, enjoying the sights, sounds and the cool breeze. Even two friendly swans swan near us and let us take some photos!

After catching some rays, we decided to head back towards the main hub at the tip of Starnbergsee and enjoy a cold Radler beer and people watch and boat watch.

There is fun for everyone to be had! You can rent a paddle boat or cruise around the lake with a smooth sailing ship. You can even find people riding their bikes, jogging or even surfboard paddling.

Afterwards we decided to rent a paddle boat for 4 people for an hour. There are several small shops along the edge of the lake which you can rent a paddleboat, a boat with oars or even an electric boat. Prices vary depending on which shop you go into. For 4 people we paid 16 euros!

For more information about the lake check out this website!

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