Bongchu Jjimdak


Bongchu Jjimdak-001

Jjimdak is a Korean dish of spicy braised chicken, vegetables and glass noodles. When I asked a Korean friend for a place to try this dish, he recommended Bongchu Jjimdak in Myeongdong. So this weekend a group of four of us set off to find this place and hopefully eat some yummy lunch.

The restaurant only serves the one dish of Jjimdak (normally a good sign in Korea!). However, you have the option between boned or boneless chicken. Being too hungry and not in the mood to eat the stew with our hands we opted for the slightly more expensive boneless option. The dishes come in 3 sizes: 1-2 pax, 2-3 pax and 3-4 pax. We were hungry and chose the 3-4.

Bongchu Jjimdak


10 minutes later a huge stone plate came out full of fat chunks of chicken, potato and other vegetables, all mixed in with japchae/glass noodles. Despite being boneless, the chicken was incredibly tender from being braised slowly and the sauce was the perfect level of spice. The waitress asked what spice level when ordering and we opted for “so-so/medium” and it was the perfect level of heat. Definitely spicy without the “blowing your head off” factor some Korean dishes can deliver.

Bongchu Jjimdak-002

Forty five minutes later our whole group was satisfied and there were still noodles left on the sharing plate! The total price was 38,000 won including 2 portions of rice and was worth every penny.

Bongchu Jjimdak

Address: Myeong-dong 2ga, 2-2, Seoul, South Korea

GPS Coordinates: 37.566535, 126.977969

Directions: Exit Myeongdong station, Exit 8. Take the first turning on your left and walk for 5 minutes. The restaurant is on your right side. There is no English signage but the menu is posted on the storefront and you can recognise it from the pictures of jjimdak.

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