Mrs. Yi Hair Salon, Songtan


I must be the last to jump on the list of fans, because Mrs. Yi says the salon has been around for over 10 years! Regardless, I feel I need to write this post to help the newbies to the area. Humidity is rising as we speak and that calls for hair reinforcements. Enter Mrs. Yi.

Right outside the Osan main gate, to the right of the 7/11, is the salon that has been taming my tresses for a month or two now.

Mrs Yi Salon Songtan-002

I wear my hair natural, but sometimes I’d like a deep condition, a trim, a blow-dry, or simply having a professional’s hands work some magic. Unfortunately, with curly Afro hair finding a hairdresser  here (or near Camp Humphries) is hard, so finding her was like finding gold.

When my friend who has hair twice as long and twice as thick as mine sent me pics of how Mrs. Yi managed to flat iron her hair, I was sold. Within a minute of getting her number I Kakao’d Mrs. Yi and I had my appointment.

I’ll keep this post short and let the pics do the talking.

I went from this wash-and-go look:

Mrs Yi Salon Songtan-005

To this:

Mrs Yi Salon Songtan

I love my curls, but the magic this woman works rivals many afro hair specialists I have seen stateside. First, she washes your hair ever so gently, and then she conditions it. I brought in my own conditioner the first time. She slowly finger-detangles small sections with gentleness and care. I didn’t lose any hair. Next is the blow dry. My curly mass and blow dryers have been enemies since my curly haired toddler days. But this woman was again ever so gentle combing from the tip to the root ever so delicately. I didn’t see a mass of curls on the floor so I know for a fact that I lost no hair. Last up was a flat iron. I actually loved the feel and the volume after the blow-dry, but wanted to see if my hair was actually capable of being straight so she continued to flat iron it. WOW! My hair has never been that straight without chemicals. She trimmed my hair, which was another benefit of straightening it. Lastly, she styled it, added some finishing spray and that was that.

My hair is super porous so it fluffed out a bit after walking around Songtan, but for the most part it stayed straight and best of all super candy-cotton soft for 2 weeks so I could style it very easily. My friend’s hair stays straight even longer. As for fear of heat damage, once I washed my hair at home, my original curl pattern came back so no issues there.

Mrs Yi Salon Songtan-001

This is the blow dried look. It still felt very soft.

Prices range from $50-80, but like all things Korean, if you are a good customer, you’ll probably get a discount.

Mrs Yi Salon Songtan-004 Mrs Yi Salon Songtan-003

Walk out the main gate and cross the street. 7/11 will be directly in front of you so turn right cross the little alley towards the money exchange at the corner. The salon is on the second floor above the money Exchange. There is a staircase you go up. It’s a small salon but as your basic amenities: Wash area, styling area, products shelves, couches, a TV, and magazines. Mrs. Yi and her associate are both great and friendly. They will hook you up!


Mrs Yi Salon Songtan-006Mrs. Yi Beauty Salon

Hours: 10am-8pm; closed Tuesday & every second Sunday

Phone: 031-666-2700 or 101-9483-5995

Address298-52 Sinjang 2(i)-dong, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do

GPS Coordinates: 37.079762, 127.049938

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