Busan Galbi


Busan Galbi-002

Itaewon is one of the best places in the city for international cuisine but isn’t necessarily the first place you think of to get good Korean food. But a group of friends and I found ourselves in Itaewon, craving Korean bbq and too lazy to go anywhere else. We ended up at Busan Galbi, a foreigner-friendly bbq joint, right next to Itaewon subway station.

This restaurant is a great place for those that aren’t too familiar with Korean food as the menu is in English and there is a wide range of choices, not just BBQ meat but dishes like Bulgogi, Kimchi Jigae and Pajeon. The restaurant also lets you have just one serving of a meat whereas most restaurants insist you have at least 2 servings of any meat you choose. The server will also cook your meats for you, saving you the trouble. I always prefer this so you can enjoy your meal and not worry about burning the meat!

Busan Galbi-001

Our group of 3 opted for one serving of beef brisket, one serving of pork ribs, one Bulgogi and one Pajeon/seafood and green onion pancake. Of course, like all Korean BBQ joints, there is a variety of banchan/side dishes that come with your meal such as tofu, kimchi, radish, soup etc.

I’m an avid Korean food lover and have had all these dishes multiple times before but it was the first time trying Korean food for my two friends. They loved absolutely everything but I especially enjoyed the ribs and Pajeon. The pajeon was stuffed with octopus and baby shrimp and came with a great dipping sauce whilst the pork ribs had fantastic flavor and for 13,000 won a serving was a really good deal. The Bulgogi and brisket were also very tasty but to be honest I’ve had better elsewhere.

Busan Galbi

Overall this is a great place for anyone looking for a good Korean meal in Itaewon but I’d especially recommend to those that aren’t not too familiar with Korean cuisine and looking for a safe place to try out some famous Korean dishes. Our meal cost 63,000 won including drinks.

Busan Galbi

Phone: 02-2279-5821

Address: 69-6, Ojang-dong, Jung-guSeoul

GPS Coordinates: 37.5646105, 126.99985730

Directions: Exit Itaewon station, exit 2. Take your first left. Busan Galbi is on the second floor above 9 Timo restaurant.

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