LeBae in Alaska Bakery Café – The Best Brunch in Daegu



If you’re looking for the best brunch café in Sangin and maybe all of Daegu, look no farther. LeBae in Alaska Bakery Café has everything you need plus more. In addition to regular café menu items such as Affogatos, Lemon Smoothies, Ades and Americanos, this café also specializes in tarts, cream-cheese stuffed baguettes, sweet breads, savory breads and meal options.

I chose to celebrate my birthday here for its ample seating room, proximity to the mountains and Dowon Reservoir and its full-size brunch menu which included meat, eggs, salad, seafood, honey bread and ice-cream combinations.


The café is just under two months old and although it’s becoming increasingly popular, it’s still not overly crowded. The café has two floors for seating with both indoor and outdoor options. There’s even a banquet room. More importantly, the café offers a ‘drunch’ menu covering both lunch and dinner cravings. To further showcase its sophistication, LeBae offers wine options so you can pair a delicious wine with your ‘drunch’ choices or casually sip from a glass for a relaxing afternoon.


LeBae in Alaska Bakery Cafe

Price: $$ (brunch items range from 10,000 won to 15,000)

Hours: 11am- 10pm Saturday and Sunday (call for weekday hours)

Phone: 634-9787

Address: 11-11 Hwarang-ro 8-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

GPS Coordinates: 35.8704253, 128.63377279


  1. Take the subway line 1 to Sangin Station and leave at exit 4
    2. Walk straight for about 20 minutes till you hit the huge 8 lane highway and intersection called Wolgok Int. You will see a Cafe Bene on your left at the intersection.
    3. Cross the road and turn right immediately at the intersection.
    4. Walk straight for about 5 minutes or less till you see a bridge and dried up river on your left.
    5. Turn left before the bridge (you’ll see a restaurant at the corner with lots of wood on the outside.)
    6. Walk straight for less than 5 minutes and you’ll see LeBae in Alaska straight ahead very clearly before the road bends to the left.


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