Daegu Body Painting Festival

The 2015 Daegu Body Painting Festival will be held from August 29-30 in Duryu Park outdoors concert hall


body painting dbpf

Daegu celebrates art with a yearly Body Painting Festival at Duryu Park. The park is about a 20 minute drive from our place and we were fortunate enough to find a parking spot, though we didn’t realize that it was the other side of the park where Koron Concert Hall was located. We got a little bit of exercise since we had to walk through the park. There was a nice view of the city from the top of the mountain.


Finally, we found the concert hall where they had booths set up for all the artists and models that were being painted. Food and vendor booths were set up in order for them to sell their wares. Some booths were set up as art activities for the children. After walking around and watching the artists paint semi-nude models, there wasn’t much to do while waiting for the awards ceremony and fireworks later that night.

model3           model2           model1

Backdrops were set up to have photos taken with the models. We were able to get one with this lady painted all white. A friend posted on FB that she looked like the Pillsbury lady.  I guess she does look like a female version of the dough boy. Our son was little scared of her, but luckily he didn’t cry until after we were able get this shot.


I’ve always enjoyed any medium of art and have a great appreciation for those that possess the talent to express themselves in such a beautiful and meaningful way. This was especially amazing since I have never been to such an event. I was a bit surprised that there were no US artists since I also saw booths for Russia, China, Ukraine and, of course, Korea. Hopefully, the International Daegu Body Painting Festival will live up to its name next year.


This year the event will be will be held on August 29-30 in Duryu Park outdoors concert hall.

Address: 46, Gung-Won-Sun-Hwan-Ro, Dalsae-Gu, Daegu, South Korea

GPS Coordinates: 35.8714354, 128.601445

Event Websites:



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