A Boat Cruise Down The Danube To Weltenburg Abbey


Boat Cruise Danube

Just below the Befreiungshalle in the small village of Kelheim, you can find a small parking lot next to the DeutschePost from where the ships pick up to take you downstream to the beautiful Kloster (Abbey) Weltenburg. We decided to spend the afternoon taking a boat ride up the Donau (Danube) river so that we could go to Kloster Weltenburg. You can take this boat ride also from Regensburgbut not every day.

What makes this abbey so special is that it was founded in 620 which makes it the oldest monastery in Bavaria. It is considered the world’s oldest brewery monastery, however it does rival Weihenstephan Abbey for the title.

IMG_2544 I highly suggest checking out the Befreiungshalle either before or after your boat cruise, especially since the parking lot for the boats is just below the memorial. King Ludwig I of Bavaria commissioned it to be built commemorating the victories won during against Napoleon during the Wars of Liberation from 1813-1815. It was finally built in 1842 and finished in 1863.

From Befreiungshalle, you will have a great view over the Danube and will even see many of the chips floating past, making their way down the winding river. The Danube river is the second longest river in Europe that passes through or touches 10 countries! It is the only river to flow from West to East and is measured from the Black Forest backwards to the delta in the Black Sea.


Check out this website for more information depending on the seasons. Unfortunately, the site is only in German, but for adults its about 8,90 euro per person round trip and in case you are traveling with children they are only 4,45 euro.

The boat ride is incredibly enjoyable with commentary over a loud speaker about the history of the Danube in this region with informative in both German and English. Immediately taking off from Kelheim, the commentator will begin by giving you some details about Kelheim. This tiny town was founded by the Wittelsbacher dynasty and has just over 16,000 people. There are two churches squished together just below the Befreiungshalle. One is green and the other white. The small white one is the smallest church in Kelheim.



Further along, there is an interesting story about one of the rock formations which is called “Napoleon’s Suitcase” because he supposedly was in such a hurry to leave the area. Some other massive limestone rocks include a section with a bunch of caves. It is said that during the Medieval period, boat pirates used to hide in these caved from which they would attack ships passing, although in reality, these were once cave dwellings dating back to the Stone Age!

IMG_3559  IMG_3544IMG_3547

Another interesting legend we heard while on the boat included a tall, skinny rock formation standing on its own which says that once upon a time, a witch who lived in the area turned a beautiful young maiden into a stone. Therefore, this stone is called the “Petrified Virgin” or in German the “Jungfrau“.

As we begin to near the abbey, we flow through one of the deepest and narrowest parts of the Bavarian Danube at 20m deep and 80m wide! To the right is a large rock formation which has 65 iron rings nailed into the side of the rock which before the times of motorized boats, boat people used to pull themselves along this difficult part of the river. There is also a small statue on the “Long Wall” of the Patron Saint John Nepomuk who was from Prague and was the patron saint for water and bridges.


The views of the Danube are absolutely beautiful with many rock formations. You may even see people rock climbing, dangling from the cliffs over the river. Finally, you will have a beautiful view of the Abbey as the boat finally gets closer and turns around to face the other direction.



It is also popular because it is also the oldest monastery brewery. During Lent, monks would brew their own beer because it was rich in vitamins and very filling. The brewery has been in operation since 1050! Therefore, their beer is ridiculously delicious! I especially love the Bockbier!

IMG_2548IMG_3555Inside the abbey grounds is a huge beer garden restaurant. The isn’t much to choose from, but it is good! If you go too late in the day, finding a table will be difficult. Going in May before the tourist season was the perfect time to go, otherwise you will stand around preying on the tourists who are finishing their meals. It’s really best to try to go during the week or before summer really kicks off because then there aren’t so many people. This is much more enjoyable for both the biergarten and the boat ride!


IMG_3551The abbey church was also designed and built by the Asam Brothers who also built the Asamkirche in MunichTherefore, this church is also highly decorated. I even donated a few euros to help maintain the church since it was so beautiful and in June 2013, Weltenburg Abbey sustained heavy flooding.






Once we were done looking around the abbey and ate a nice lunch, we skipped some rocks into the river, which is a pleasurable pastime for those going to the abbey. We also laid on the rocks for a bit discussing what to do next.


There is also a restaurant in the city center of Regensburg called “Weltenburg am Dom” which has some of the best food ever. I highly suggest making a pit stop there just for their Bockbierschnitzel! And of course, more of their delicious beer!

Note: California Globetrotter originally posted this article on her own site and she gladly shared it with Germany Ja. 

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