Babanin Yeri in Yumurtalik, Turkey

Editor’s Note: Sorry for the long silence here on Turkey Tamam! *Sometimes* people PCS, and *sometimes* those people lose access to their internet for a few weeks. Today we’re sharing yet another great option for all you seafood lovers! We’d love to hear your thoughts about this restaurant if you’ve already been there, and if you haven’t, it’s another great option to try if you find yourself exploring Turkey… hopefully sooner rather than later. 


Babanin Yeri


If you find yourself in Yumurtalik for the day, definitely think about trying out Babanin Yeri for lunch or dinner. It’s located near the marina in Yumurtalik, and it has a beautiful view of the water and the marina.

Babanin Yeri


Babanin Yeri

Babanin Yeri is a simple fish restaurant. When you arrive they take you directly into the kitchen to pick out fresh fish from the cooler for them to cook for you. We had two fish choices. They helped us decide which fish to get and how much fish we would need to feed our family. We opted to get our fish grilled, but you could have it fried too. We also ordered our drinks at this time too. They then showed us to a table. We decided to sit across the street right by the water. The view is beautiful, and the place where we sat was nicely shaded and breezy.


Once we sat down we were served some bread, a spicy arugula salad, and a fresh chopped tomato salad. After we finished our salads, our fish came. It was cooked perfectly, and it was delicious. The bones were in the fish, but they had opened up the fish for us and the bones were very easy to remove. Adults and kids alike loved every bite of fish at our table.

Parking in Yumurtalik can be difficult at times, but Babanin Yeri has a few designated parking spots in front of the restaurant.

Next time you’re in Yumurtalik drive down to the marina to find Babanin Yeri restaurant to enjoy the view, the breeze, and some fresh fish.

Babanin Yeri

Phone: 90 212 588 8730

Address: Ayaş Mahallesi, Hüseyin Baykara Caddesi, 01680 Yumurtalık/Adana, Turkey

GPS Coordinates: 36.7667700, 035.7912100

Note: If anyone knows the operating days and hours, please leave this information in the comments. Thanks!

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