Park Spa: Turkish Hamam Bath & Massage



When you’re in dire need of a massage and you happen to stumble upon the only spa that is open during Ramadan weekend, I had to give it a try. From the outside, Park Spa does not seem like much. But when you step in, you enter a dimly lit lobby with a nice big waiting room with very comfortable couches. The place smells clean with a slight earthly aroma.

IMG_8908    IMG_8905

The prices of all the services are clearly posted behind the desk, so there are no hidden surprises. Since I did not have a lot of time to spend the entire day there, I chose the 1-hour massage package for 85 TL. This package included showering before & after the massage service in a private ladies locker changing room. They also offer robes, towels, shower sandals, and key lockers for you to lock up your personal belongings. In addition to the massage, you can take advantage of the hot sauna that is also included in the price.

IMG_8903      IMG_8902

Park Spa also offers traditional Turkish Hamam baths as well for an additional cost. Afterwards you are guided into the relaxation room for some hot chai or a glass of cold water. They have a mini Vitamin Bar. Not quite sure what they serve, probably some fancy healthy shakes, drinks, energy shots, etc.

IMG_8901   IMG_8900

Every experience with any masseuse is transformative. You feel like you’re entering a whole new world, and will come out so centered and calm after the session. I get massages pretty regularly, so I can tell within the first five minutes if it is going to be a good or a bad massage hour. The female masseuse I had, Haldla, was on point. She applied just the right pressure and was attentive to my problem areas usually it is my lower back. My experience at Park Spa was a fantastic one! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone and will probably become a regular! I loved it!


Park Spa (Turkish Hamam Bath & Massage)

Telephone: 0544 605 8236 OR 0322 454 1000

Hours of Operation:
Open 7 days a week/ Monday thru Sunday
10:00am – 10:00pm

Address: Cemalpaşa Mahallesi, 63003. Sokak No:1, 01120 Seyhan/Adana, Turkey

GPS Coordinates: 36.999974, 35.32458399999996



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