Wurstmarkt, Bad Dürkheim


Wurstmarkt Bad Duerkeim Germany | www.germanyja.comLiving in Rhineland Pfalz means being lucky enough to experience some of the best weather in Germany and it is this mild climate that provides optimal conditions for wine producing! Locals are rightly proud of their winemaking history and no-where is this more clearly felt than at Wurstmarkt – the largest wine festival in the world!

Wurstmarkt is an annual wine festival held in Bad Dürkheim during the second and third weekend in September and precedes the better-known Oktoberfest. This year the dates are 11-15th and 18-21st September 2015.

Wurstmarkt Bad Duerkeim Germany | www.germanyja.comThe festival is an absolute celebration of local wines with over 150 different wines from more than 50 different venues. There are rows of small outdoor traditional wine stands as well as much larger indoor wine halls.

Wurstmarkt Bad Duerkeim Germany | www.germanyja.comWhether you’re a fan of crisp and dry, well-balanced,or sweet, you’ll be sure to find a wine you’ll love! We had a couple staunch wine haters in our group and even they were converted by the end of the day! Wines vary in price depending on quality but at an average of 5 to 7 Euros for a half liter glass, it’s fantastic value! The wines are traditionally served in either .25L or .5L glasses. So as to be able to continue your day after one or two glasses I suggest you do as the locals do and ask for a ‘schorle’. Your choice of wine will then be mixed with sparkling water so as to lesson the alcoholic content. But remember to be clear when ordering if you want sweet or dry sparkling water!

Aside from wine tasting, you can enjoy local Palatinate specialties such as Grumbeersuppe (potato soup), plum cake, kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes with garlic or apple sauce and a must try!) as well as a variety of grilled sausages, steaks and chicken.

There are also plenty of rides and attractions for all ages making the festival a great family day out. Towards the evening though it is definitely a more adult affair!

Whilst you can drive, I would certainly recommend to take the train so as to enjoy all the festival has to offer! Having parked our car in the Kaiserslautern train station parking lot, we took the train from Kaiserslautern directly to Bad Dürkheim. Trains run frequently and tickets can be bought at the station on the day. Another thing to note if you decide to drive is that police are extremely vigilant in the area around the festival and routinely check cars and bikes leaving the festival.

Overall, we absolutely loved this wine festival! We had some of the best wine I’ve ever tried and fantastic food to soak it all up. But without a doubt, it was the atmosphere that made the day! The traditional long tables, beautiful sunshine, happy laughing crowds, traditional lederhosen clad musicians and dirndl-wearing servers summed up everything I love about Germany!

As the famous Dürkheim poet Karl Räder wrote, “It’s the festival with an amazing atmosphere where you’ll meet old friends that you’ve never seen before.”

Wurstmarkt Bad Duerkeim Germany | www.germanyja.comInformation:


Bad Düerkheim (5 minute walk from the station…just follow the crowds!)

67098 Bad Dürkheim


Second and third weekend of September

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