OneMount Snow Park


There is a wonderful and exciting place only 30 minutes from Seoul by car where you can enjoy summer and winter fun every day of the year! This place is called OneMount and has both a water park and a snow park open year round! There is also a shopping mall, sports club and several restaurants to enjoy here as well.

OneMount Snow Park

The day we visited OneMount we decided to check out the snow park, since the idea of being able to play in the snow in the middle of July sounded amazing. You purchase tickets for the snow park and the water park at the same location on the first floor of the complex. Then take the escalators or elevator up to the second floor where the entrances to both theme parks are located.

Pro Tip: The day we went, the OneMount website had a 50 percent off coupon for foreigners so I recommend checking their website before purchasing tickets.

OneMount Snow Park

We arrived at Snow Park when they first opened on a Saturday morning. There were not too many people there yet, which was great. Once you walk into the park, the cold temperatures instantly hit you. I recommend bringing your own warm clothing, jackets and gloves but you can also rent all of that at the park by paying a small rental fee.

OneMount Snow Park    OneMount Snow Park

There is a large ice skating rink for skating and there are also all kinds of sleds and carts to play on the ice with. There is even a large ice theme tunnel that circles around and connects to the ice skating rink. You are allowed to skate and circle around as much as you want.

OneMount Snow Park     OneMount Snow Park

They also have sled dogs that pull sleds around the ice tunnels several times a day. My young children really liked the area called Snow Hill. It is designed for kids and there you can actually play in the snow and explore a couple ice igloos. They also have two different areas where you can slide down ice slides and on the roof they have a super large ice slide to check out.

OneMount Snow Park    OneMount Snow Park

In addition to all that, there is also Santa’s Village to explore and a video arcade area. The park does not allow visitors to bring in outside food but there is a food court where you can purchase food and drinks and also lockers to store your belongings.

OneMount Snow Park     OneMount Snow Park

My family really enjoyed our time at Snow Park and our two young children also had a blast. It was a great way to escape the heat and we plan to go back again and again. I can imagine Snow Park would also be a great place to take the family during the holidays since Santa makes appearances and the place is all about celebrating winter!

OneMount Snow Park


Phone: 82-1566-2232

Hours: 10:00 to 21:00 every day.

Prices: All day and Afternoon tickets available; weekday and weekend pricing vary, foreigner coupons-check website

Address: Hallyuworld-ro 300, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang city
경기도 고양시 일산서구 한류월드로 300 (대화동)

GPS Coordinates: 37.6754336, 126.75059940000006

Subway: Line 3 Juyeop Station, exit 2. Walk straight from exit for about 15 minutes towards Onemount


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