Snow Factory Cafe, Daegu


Snow Factory Cafe sign

While my mother visited from the US, we went to Snow Factory located near Suseong Lake. The refurbished airplane converted into a cafe has a presence that cannot be ignored. Anyone walking around the lake cannot miss this gigantic jet plane. My 2-year-old son and I have passed it numerous times. He loves planes and announces “whoosh” whenever he sees it.

Snow Factory Cafe plane1

Snow Factory Cafe plane2

I took photos and shared it with my mother last year, which led to her request for a visit upon her arrival in Daegu. It was a nice little cafe and walking distance from our apartment. I was happy to oblige her request.

Snow Factory Cafe entrance

The convenience of the location was a nice plus, but since we were already in the car we decided to just drive there. Ample parking was available at no extra charge. We were the first customers of the day and it was pleasant to have the whole place to ourselves.

Snow Factory Cafe dining area1    Snow Factory Cafe counter

The interior design was extremely clean and fairly new. Barely any wear and tear were visible on the furniture. I’m not sure how long the establishment has been there, but it had a pleasant atmosphere and minimalist in decor. My son had a great time opening and closing the window shades.

Snow Factory Cafe   Snow Factory Cafe

Their specialty is flavored shave ice. Multiple flavors from the usual vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry was available to other tropical flavors such as mango and pineapple. We opted to order spaghetti and rice crust pizza along with coffee and banana juice. The food was flavorful and the rice crust added a nice change to the pizza. My cafe mocha topped with whipped cream was tasty and the banana juice had the consistency of a thin shake and was freshly made upon order.

Snow Factory Cafe food

Soon after we had finished our meal, a nice young man gave us a free plate of pineapple flavored shaved ice. It was a nice surprise and we quickly enjoyed the dessert. The texture was similar to snow and it would just melt in your mouth as the flavors quickly found its way to our taste buds. It was delicious!

Snow Factory Cafe snow dessert

Snow Factory Cafe, Daegu


Phone: 053-762-2552

Address: 42 Muhak -ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea
대구광역시 수성구 무학로 42 (상동 463-2번지)

GPS Coordinates: 35.8283675, 128.61318870000002

Directions: From Camp Walker exit gate 4, then proceed to the first intersection and follow the natural bend of the road toward the bridge. Once you pass over the bridge, continue until you see Home plus on the right. Take a right and you will see the monorail tracks running parallel on this road. Proceed on this road and you will see signs to Suseong Lake. The waterfalls will be on your left right after a large intersection and the lake on the right. To find Snow Factory Cafe, look for the big airplane… you can’t miss it.

By Public Transportation:

Departing from Banwoldang station (Downtown):

  • Come out EXIT 1 at Banwoldang station
  • Proceed to the bus stop directly in front of you
  • Take bus 401
  • Get off at Suseongmot (17 stops)
  • Suseong Lake is on your left

You could also take the monorail from any location and stop at the Suseong Lake station. By taxi, tell your driver “sue sung mote”(Suseong Lake in Korean).

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