Incirlik Turkish Club “Gazino”


Gazino breakfast 5

Are you craving Turkish cuisine, but not sure where to dine? Look no further: there is a great dining facility called the Turkish Gazino right here on base. The Gazino is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On weekends, they serve traditional Turkish breakfast. Yummy!

Gazino breakfast 2   Gazino breakfast 1

For lunch, one Turkish meal choice is available every day. Main dishes rotate between chicken, beef, lamb, vegetable and fish. Meals come with a main dish, bread, vegetable, soup, and dessert.

Gazino breakfast 4    Gazino breakfast 3

For dinner, you can order from a list of two or three choices. There are several main dish options, a couple salad, options and a soup.

Turkish is spoken and the staff are super friendly and accommodating. Bring your Turkish dictionary or translation app. They have a few people working who speak English, but mainly Turkish is spoken.

REMEMBER: Do not take photos of any of the TurAF facilities. We are asked to be out of the TurAF areas before sundown. Arrive for dinner in time to leave before dark, or order your food to go.

Incirlik Turkish Club “Gazino”


Monday – Friday

Breakfast: 0700-0830
Lunch: 1130-1300
Dinner: 1830-2030

Saturday – Sunday

Kahvalti (Turkish breakfast): 0800-1100
Dinner (Sunday only): 1830-2100; only Pide & Lahmacun (Turkish flat bread & pizza)

You can also order food to go

Phone: 0.505.369.7474

Costs & Payment: Paid in lira with a credit or debit card. Cost varies with meal choices. It costs around 8TL per meal.

Directions: Right at the roundabout/bldg.. 833, right onto C St, 2nd right into parking lot with red ATM machine. Club is directly across the street, the building with covered walkways.

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