Seomun Market, Daegu (Part 2)

Earlier this month, Janvika introduced us to Seomun Market in Daegu. Today, Charisse gives us her take on this shouldn’t-stay-hidden-gem.


Seomun Market sign1

While my mother was here from the US, another place we visited was Seomun Market. It’s always a good idea to head out earlier in the day to beat the crowd. We headed out around 9 am and after a 20 minute drive, we parked on the 3rd level parking lot labeled with a graphic representation of a goat. Each floor had an animal to serve as a reminder.

Seomun Market market1

Many of the vendors were still closed and some were just opening for the day. We made our way through the numerous booths and navigated the minuscule space provided for the hallways. I made sure that we brought my son’s smaller stroller to ensure that it would fit in the narrow aisles.

kimbap pillow

This was my second visit to the market and I was still in awe of the sheer size of the place. I have yet to tour the entire market, but to be on the safe side I stayed on the familiar route.

Seomun Market seafood

We walked aimlessly through the market and gazed upon the many products you can buy. Each section of the market is clearly marked and has its own category. It was nice that each section kept to its original purpose. All the vendors that sold kitchen items were located on the basement floor and we were in section 4 where we found clothes and fabric.

hodeokk 2   fruit

Finally found our way to the “food court” area and filled our tummies with hodeokk, sweet jeju oranges, kimbap from the same nice old lady from my first trip, fried dumplings, and bought some cookies from a nice young man (who spoke English) and dropped an extra handful free of charge.


He said it was for 2 year old son. I love getting extras from any establishment. It’s a regular practice for business to show their appreciation with freebies. I always get a free liter of Pepsi from our favorite Pizza and Wings restaurant.

flowers   beans

After an hour or so, the crowds were starting to thicken and we wanted to avoid the masses. We started to back track our way to the parking garage. Parking was $1.20 for about 2 hours and was well worth it for the convenience of driving my own car.

Seoumun Market, Daegu

When to go: You can visit the market anytime other than the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month when it is closed. The market is open from 9am to 7pm with some stalls shutting down or opening earlier than others.

Address: 42 Dalseo-ro, Seo-gu, Daegu, South Korea

GPS Coordinates: 35.8659831, 128.57152710000003


Subway: Take the Green Line (Line 2) to the Sinnam station and get out at exit 1. Double back a few steps and make a left at the large intersection. Just walk straight and the main entrance will present itself on the left.

Taxi: Tell your driver “Seomun shee-jahng ka juseyo.”

Monorail: Take Daegu’s yellow subway line to Seomun Market station and leave at exit 1. Turn right and just walk ahead a few feet. You can’t miss the market.

Here is a website that provides English information about this market.

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