Comme Chez Soi


Comme Chez Soi

I had heard many wonderful things about the food in Budapest from several friends who had already visited. It was referred to as a foodie’s paradise, not only due to the quality and quantity of food, but also due to the incredibly reasonable prices. Straight after booking tickets, I was online checking out Tripadvisor to find out which restaurants were rated the best. Comme Chez Soi was rated number one in Budapest out of 2,048 restaurants and we were lucky enough to secure a dinner reservation.

We were travelling to Budapest in July for four days and the only available reservation two months out was for Monday evening. The seating time was for 6.30pm, to which we arrived promptly and our charming host, Roberto, swiftly seated us.

Comme Chez Soi


The menu was delivered to us, and he asked us what drinks we would prefer to start with. He was happy to make drink suggestions of Hungarian specialties, despite the restaurant’s food cuisine being Italian. He listened closely to what we prefer and came up with wonderful drinks that hit the spot.

Comme Chez Soi

After ordering our starter, the first (of many) complementary items came our way. Each of us received a place of deliciously rich shaved parma ham with ruccola. The plates were quickly cleared away and the table reset for our next course.

The stand out favorite dish of the night was a beautiful plate of bruschetta. The bread was piled high with perfectly sweet but tangy tomatoes. My husband, who openly dislikes tomatoes, was blown away by how much he enjoyed his starter. The balsamic served with the plate was thick and decadent.

Comme Chez Soi

I couldn’t decide between a pasta dish and a chicken dish as a main course, so Roberto came up with the option of putting something together off the menu. He served up a side of the pasta I wanted with the chicken dish I had wanted. It was the best of both worlds and he insisted it was no problem or inconvenience. The kitchen was in the middle of the restaurant so we were able to watch Roberto personally deliver the instructions to his chef. The pasta was outstanding and the chicken was moist and flavorful.

By the end of our main course, we were feeling full but wanted to continue tasting our way through the menu. We spoke to Roberto and asked if we could share a dessert. He said this would be no problem. Instead, he went out of his way and served two half potions to each of us so that we could both have our own plate! A complementary portion of lemon gelato, made in the restaurant that day, and limoncello shots quickly followed our dessert.

Comme Chez Soi
As we were sitting waiting for our check, Roberto personally brought the final complementary treat to our table. He delivered the local sweet dessert wine, Tokaj, and chocolates for us to enjoy while we let our stomachs settle before waddling back to our apartment. As we left he slipped a box to us that we opened later – it included small chocolates!

Comme Chez Soi

I have never had a restaurant experience that made us feel so special and welcomed. We ate every single thing that came to our table – I’m not sure how we managed it but everything was too delicious to leave on our plate. We had decided before going in that the meal would be our special meal of the trip, so we did not scrimp on ordering. All of the above came to the equivalent of $70 USD – we couldn’t believe the amount of food and quality of it for only $35 a head.


If we ever return to Budapest, Comme Chez Soi will be our first choice. Be sure to make reservations well in advance of your trip – we saw over ten parties get turned away at the door, with Roberto telling them the next available sitting was in three weeks.



Comme Chez Soi: Budapest, Hungary

Hours: 1200-2400, Closed Sunday

Phone: +36 1 318-3943


Payment: Hungarian Florint cash only

Address: Aranykez u. 2, Budapest 1051, Hungary

GPS Coordinates: 47.494439, 19.051300999999967


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