Alom Dee, Landstuhl


Alom Dee

It seems to be a matter of individual taste and preference as to which is the best Thai food restaurant in the Kaiserslatuern Military Community area. The debate often elicits more passionate responses than any other restaurant discussion. One place you may not have yet tried is Alom Dee in Landstuhl.

If you have ever driven past the restaurant, you may have mistakenly believed that the quaint little building is take-out only. At least that is what my husband and I thought for the first year of living in the area. The building actually holds about ten tables of various seating sizes. Half of the tables are situated beside the cooking area where you can watch the talented chefs in action.

The menu at Alom Dee includes both Thai food specialties and sushi, listed in both English and German. There is an extensive beverage menu, including a favorite of ours, the Thai ice tea. To prevent a lack of communication, the wait staff will leave a piece of paper and pen with the menu. Once you have written all of the requested menu numbers on the piece of paper they will come and collect it from you.

Alom Dee

Our meal consisted of Thai ice tea, Vietnamese rolls (chicken and prawn combination flavor), chicken pad thai, a glass noodle chicken salad, eel sushi and Japenese pickled pumpkin sushi. The Thai tea was incredibly sweet and rich, but delicious. The Vietnamese rolls were a flavor sensation – the mix of flavors weren’t like anything I had ever experienced before. The glass noodle salad tasted like a warm rice paper roll with an initial burst of fish sauce flavor being subdued by the refreshing flavors of coriander and citrus.

Alom Dee

A good way of judging a Thai restaurant is on the pad thai that they serve. We opted for chicken as our choice of protein, however Alom Dee also include tofu. The pad thai had great flavors with the perfect amount of sweet, salty and sour that makes pad thai so difficult to replicate at home.

Alom Dee

The sushi that we ordered was only meant as a taster as we had come specifically for Thai. Although we ordered small portions, the sushi all tasted fresh and clean. The table next to us ordered a platter with nigiri which left my husband desperate to come back and try that next time.

Alom Dee

Our meal came to around €30 with all of the above and with two additional large Cola Lights. While we have never made reservations when it is only the two of us visiting, larger groups and those looking to visit during busy periods should make reservations.

Alom Dee, Landstuhl

Hours: Daily 1130-2200

Phone: 06371 6111562

Payment: They accept credit card and Euro cash

Address: Bruchwiesenstrasse, 10, Landstuhl 66849

GPS Coordinates: 49.4186492, 7.56524330000002

Parking: Free parking behind the restaurant


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