Songtan Ville ‘Gamjatang’ Rib Restaurant


Every day on my walk home from work, I pass the same Korean restaurant with the same amazing smell wafting out through its doors. Having no idea what they serve, I finally got the opportunity to go this weekend. A group of four of us walked into this traditionally styled Korean restaurant with only a few tables at the back and the rest being on the floor seating.
Having sat down we soon learned two things: there is no menu and none of the workers speak a word of English. Oh well, having been in this situation plenty of times before we simply pointed at the couple on the table next to us and raised 4 fingers to gesture 4 servings. The staff were incredibly friendly and slightly bemused at our appalling attempts to speak Korean but they seemed to understand what we wanted and 5 minutes later came out with a huge metal bowl full of Gamjatang or ‘pork rib soup’.
I’ve since learned that this is the only dish they serve and they simply adjust the number of ribs depending on the number of people eating. It is also accompanied with a savory pancake to share as well as your typical Korean side dishes. Rice is also an added option for 1000 won per serving.
This is honestly one of the most delicious meals I’ve eaten in Korea but a word of warning this is also one of the SPICIEST meals I’ve eaten in Korea. The soup itself is full of spice and so flavorful whilst the pork ribs literally fall off the bone and melt in your mouth. It is absolutely delicious! (I’ve since been back and asked for ‘little spice’ and they seemed to understand as the food was slightly less spicy.)

Songtan Ville ‘Gamjatang’ Rib Restaurant

Directions: Exit Osan AB main gate and turn left, take another left at the triangle of death and continue walking under the bridge. When you reach the taxi area and bakery named ‘bread store bunny’, turn right. Continue walking for 100m and the restaurant is on your left side.
Opening hours: 11am-11pm

Cost: cash and credit cards accepted. With drinks and added rice, it normally works out around 12,000-15,000 won per person.

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