Udo Maritime Park – Jeju-do


Udo Maritime Park

Out of all the beautiful places I’ve ever visited in Korea, Udo, an island located 3.5km off of Jeju Island and northeast of Seonsang-ri, is the most dazzling. As I took my first step onto the island, I was greeted with wafts of the salty ocean and seaweed mixed with fertile island soil. The beaches vary from white to volcanic sands and even pebbles.

Udo Maritime Park

The name Udo derives from the Hangul word for cow as the island resembles a cow lying down. Rich in natural resources and beauty, the island was designed a maritime national park in 2001 by Bukjeju county. There are only two ports on the island in an effort to protect the coral reef and abundant sea life.

Udo offers many activities for tourists including submarine tours, cruises, bike rentals, a bus tour, hiking, ATV rentals, scooter rentals, horseback riding and much more! Most visitors will hike to Udobong peak (132.5m) for stunning views of the whole island from its highest point. Also, Seobin Baeksa, the famous coral beach where many Korean TV dramas are filmed, offers a sparkling white sand beach and many brilliant blue and green hues in the sea.

Udo Maritime Park

For Makgeolli enthusiasts, Udo produces an exclusive peanut Makgeolli that was a rich, creamy yet refreshing beach beverage. For others, indulge in the exclusive peanut soft-serve ice-cream.

Udo Maritime Park

To get here, you must take the ferry from Seongsan Harbor on Jeju to Cheonjinhang Harbor on Udo Island. The entrance fee is 1,500 won per adult and 1,000 won per child. The first ferry leaves Jeju at 7am and the last ferry leaves Udo at 6:30pm. However, times vary slightly during different seasons.

Udo Maritime Park

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