Mang Hyang Noodle Restaurant, Songtan


Mang Hyang Noodle


After a blistering hot day in Seoul, walking back from Songtan bus station we passed this unassuming noodle restaurant and decided to give it a try. They only serve two noodle dishes ‘spicy noodle’ and ‘traditional noodle’. However, neither noodles are spicy on any level but the ‘spicy noodle’ has a slightly sweet tang to it which is perhaps why it’s named spicy. It is also a cold noodle dish which made it perfect for such a hot day.

Mang Hyang Noodle

The traditional noodle soup on the other hand is a nice warm and mildly seasoned soup perfect for days when you’re feeling a little under the weather or just fancy a cheap, simple meal. The only other item on the menu are steamed mandu dumplings.

Mang Hyang Noodle

Whilst both noodles dishes are perfectly nice tasting, it is the delicious mandu dumplings that really make me want to return! They also do take-out which make it a perfect healthy go-to meal if you’re in the area.

Mang Hyang Noodle Restaurant

Directions: From Osan AB main gate, turn right then turn left at the triangle of death. Go over the bridge and at the first or second (I can’t quite remember!) traffic lights turn right and it is immediately on your left side.
Has anyone else ever tried this restaurant? If you’ve got an address or coordinates, or this restaurant’s operating hours and contact info, please leave them in the comments so we can add them to the post. Thanks!

One thought on “Mang Hyang Noodle Restaurant, Songtan

  1. Anne says:

    Thanks for the great tip! We visited the restaurant Monday 10/27/2015 and it was terrific. The mondu is exceptional. The restaurant is a right at the first street, Tanhyeon-ro, the same street on which you will eventually find the subway. It is located at 290 Tanhyeon-ro. From the corner you cannot see the restaurant because it has a small parking area in front. So you have to trust, make the right, and walk about 100 meters. Then you can see ahead to your left a vertical sign for the restaurant. I have a picture but I cannot attach it here. I am happy to send it to you at your request. They did not have any open hours posted. We were there at 3:30 and had no problem being served quickly.


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