Fall at the Gartenschau


Note: This article was previously published on Germany Ja, but we thought you might want to check it out again this fall!

Gartenschau in Kaiserslautern, Germany | www.germanyja.com

Every fall, pumpkins take center stage at the Gartenschau in Kaiserslautern (literally, “Garden show”). Of course, one mustn’t forget the huge display of dinosaur statues, too. And, in the fall, there are plenty of pumpkins to celebrate the season.

Gartenschau in Kaiserslautern, Germany | www.germanyja.com

Earlier this fall, the Gartenschau hosted a giant pumpkin contest (Kürbiswiegemeisterschaft – “pumpkin weighing championship”) to start the season. Farmers truck in giant pumpkins for a competition of the biggest pumpkin. This year’s winning pumpkin was 650 kilograms, or 1,433 pounds – what a monster pumpkin that one was! There was even a (friendly) unofficial competition between two of the entrants. It was a competition of who could grow the longest squash. A bonus of the weighing pumpkin fest is that it’s outside of the Gartenschau’s gates and is free to attend.

The grounds of the Gartenschau (admission fee charged to enter) are decorated with pumpkins too. There were many pumpkin displays and 3D pumpkin sculptures; this year’s theme is “Der wilde Westen,” or, in English, the Wild West. A cowboy rides a bucking bull made of pumpkins near a teepee decorated with pumpkins in one part of the park. Signs, in both English and German, explain some of the Wild West history at each exhibit.

There is a large playground, a skateboard park, snack stands, a gift shop, dinosaur sculptures, putt putt golf, and even a small restaurant up the hill. It makes for a lovely fall visit among the changing leaves, pumpkins, and even dinosaurs!

Tips For Your Trip:

For more information about the Kaiserslautern Gartenschau all year round, please read this article.

Open times:

The Gartenschau is open April 1 – October 31 each year.
Monday – Friday: 0900-1900
Saturday – Sunday, holidays and school breaks: 1000-1900
Visitors welcome to stay until sunset.


Adults: 7.00 €
Children 6-16: 3.00 €
Children 0-5: Free
1 Adult with two children: 11.00 €
2 Adults with two children: 17.00€
Discounts for evening (after 1700) only tickets, groups and those with disabilities.
Annual passes are also available.


Address: An der Kalause 9 · 67659 Kaiserslautern

Gartenschau Kaiserslautern website 

For more information, hours, and admission prices, check out the website (link is in English): http://www.gartenschau-kl.de/service-1/opening-hours

Address: An der Kalause 9 · 67659 Kaiserslautern

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