Beach Camping in Dadohaehasang National Park





Covering about 1,700 small and large islands as well as various rocks, Dadohaehasang National Park is Korea’s largest national park. Hongdo Island and Heuksando Island are the most famous and visited islands by tourists. Looking for a bit of adventure and an overnight road trip, my friends and I set out on a road trip to Goheung Island in the southernmost area of Korea.

We took several wrong turns along the way and stopped to frolic in fields of wild flowers but eventually found Narodo beach where we planned to camp for a couple of nights.


Much to our dismay, the beach was littered with various kinds of trash from glass to plastic bottles, caps, fishing wire, rope and Styrofoam. Given the fact that it was October and post-beach season for Koreans, there were no visible clean-up efforts.


However, my friends and I spent a couple of hours gathering the trash and cleaning up the beach area which our tent overlooked. On a brighter side, the camping area was clean, grassy and conveniently located next to bathrooms and a wash area.


In search of a cleaner beach, we rode around the island and found Yeompo, a beautiful black pebble beach. However, the campsite was closed. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the beach during the day. We kept busy by playing catch, cooking lunch, doing yoga and having a photoshoot. Finally, we watched the burning sun dip over the ocean while listening to the waves wash and roll over the pebbles.


The following day, we found a nearby hiking access point which led us through a cypress tree forest and eventually to various peaks, overlooking the stunning archipelago of mini islands.



For space enthusiasts, be sure to check out the Naro Space Center on Goheung Island. The space center not only launches satellites but it also has a museum with various science exhibits.

For more information regarding Korea’s first space center, visit this site.

Dadohaehaesang National Park

Office Phone: 82-61-554-5474

National Parks Website:

Office Address: 1240-8, Gaepo-ri, Wando-eup, Wando-gun, Jeollanam-Do

GPS Coordinates: 34.3167159, 126.74558079999997

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