Naerincheon Water Rafting


Water Rafting

Trying to find information on Korean white water rafting in English proved to be just about impossible! Luckily, with my limited Korean skills I managed to find a company online and emailed the leader who thankfully spoke perfect English.

Water Rafting

There are a number of different packages available, including overnight stays, but we opted for the river rafting day package which included a buffet lunch and pick up/drop off from Seoul to the site in In-Je for 50,000 won per person.
You can drive yourself, but I think the package is a fantastic deal and the shuttle option allows you to rest on the way back after a tiring day of rafting!
Water Rafting
During the peak season (summer) the shuttle bus runs daily but the rest of the year the shuttle bus is only available on weekends, so be sure to check. The bus departs in front of exit 1 of sport complex station at 7.30am. It returns to Seoul around 4pm. All the staff speak English and while we were the only non-Korean speaking participants, we soon had a great camaraderie going.
Water Rafting
Pre-payment is required for the day package but for some reason my card wouldn’t work to send payment, so they kindly allowed me to pay on site on the promise that we did in fact show up!

Our group consisted of 6 participants and the instructor. The whole rafting lasted maybe 2-2.5 hours with a break on a small beach in the middle.
For further information email or They’d be more than happy to hear from you!

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