Gasthaus Schinderhannes, Weiden


Gasthaus Schinderhannes, Weiden Germany | www.germanyja.comEver wanted to eat a Schnitzel bigger than your head? If you’re in the Graf/Vilseck area I would suggest trying it out. I’ve never had the urge, but we ventured out to Weiden (a town about 25 minutes away from us) for dinner. We went with my friend from work, who was heading back to the states with her family. Since they were the ones leaving Germany we decided to let them choose where they wanted to go to dinner. They chose the Gasthaus Schinderhannes in Weiden who are known for their large Schnitzel.

Gasthaus Schinderhannes, Weiden Germany | www.germanyja.comIt took us about 30 minutes to get to the restaurant from the Graf area. It looks like it is in the middle of nowhere, but it is hard to miss. The outside looks like a mini castle! The outside seating area (Biergarten) was open for seating, but full, (guess the Germans wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather too) so instead we found a seat inside. It was pretty empty, we didn’t have to wait for any tables to be open. In Germany, and the majority of Europe, you don’t have to wait for a hostess to seat you. You can just walk in and sit anywhere you want. We’ve been here for 2 years and I’m still having trouble remembering that.

For the most part, I think they’re used to a lot of Americans coming to their restaurant, they had a specific menu in English! Majority of the time when we go out to restaurants we try to blend in and deduce what some things are, we’ve picked up enough German to semi get by (Swine is pork, Ente is Duck, Huhn is Chicken). But mostly we’re using Google Translate, or Word Lens to translate for us. This time we didn’t have to guess! 🙂

Since this place was known for their Schnitzel both my husband and I decided to get it. They have other things besides schnitzel, but since that’s what they’re known for that what we wanted to get. They have Fish, (it is deep fried, if you’re into that) and roast beef, pork knuckles etc. They have other authentic Germany food as well.

There are two sizes of Schnitzel, they have a normal size portion which is the size of a huge plate, then they had a smaller portion, we both got the large portion not realizing how big is actually was. You could split the large portion between two people! It was reasonably priced, the most expensive thing on the menu was about 9 euros. Which is not bad at all!

Gasthaus Schinderhannes, Weiden Germany | www.germanyja.comOur schnitzels were €6.70, and the smaller portion which is a half size is €5.70. Next time I will definitely be getting the smaller portion. It comes with your choice of potato salad, or fries, and a salad on the side. My husband was stuffed when we left. I even finished my schnitzel, but I didn’t eat my fries or salad, I didn’t think I would’ve made it if I ate anything else.

Schinderhannes was a place I would go back to again. It’s a pleasant place where you are able to share a meal with friends. It is also family friendly!

Gasthaus Schinderhannes, Weiden Germany | www.germanyja.comInformation:

Gasthaus Schinderhannes website

They take Euros only

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Untere Hauptstr. 34
92637 Weiden

Tel.: 0961 / 444 23

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: from 1600
Saturday, Sunday, holidays: from 1000

Note: Teanna originally published this post on her website and graciously shared it with Germany Ja. Danke!


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