The Hotel Elle Inn, Seoul


When looking for a place to stay while visiting or PCSing to Seoul, many opt for the convenience of the Dragon Hill Lodge on USAG Yongsan. There are instances, however, when the DHL is all booked up (especially during heavy PCS season!) OR when you just want something a little kinder to your wallet while on vacation. One option to consider is the nearby Hotel Elle Inn.


My family ended up needing a few extra days in a hotel as we got ready to leave Korea, so I searched online for something that would make life a little easier as we tramped around with a bunch of suitcases and no car. The best option for us ended up being this hotel, which is located on Hangang-daero, just down the street from the USO building and USAG Yongsan’s Gate 16.


I used to reserve the room. At that time, it was a very reasonable 70,000 won per night (rates will, of course, fluctuate during different seasons). The pictures on the site looked promising, but I was not expecting much more than a room for us to sleep in and store our stuff. We were pleasantly surprised, however! The building and staff were excellent, the room was very nice, there was free valet parking for registered guests in an underground lot (complete with car elevator), and we got to enjoy this lovely jacuzzi tub.


The location was perfect – within easy walking distance of the subway, USAG Yongsan, the War Memorial of Korea and its museum, and numerous shops and restaurants. The amenities include a TV, toiletries, a computer, free Wi-fi, laundry service, beverages, and a hot water pot. There is a lounge that serves breakfast and a business center. If you’re looking for a nice place to stay near the post, this place fits the bill!

The Hotel Elle Inn, Seoul

Phone: 02-792-8700


Address: 98-14 Garwol-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

GPS Coordinates: 37.5403087, 126.9721749

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