Korean Sticker Booths


I’ve been lucky enough to have a number of different friends and family come and visit me during my time in Korea, and each one normally has a list of their must sees and dos for their time here. But when my college friend, Sofi, came she had only two wishes: to buy as many kitschy Korean items as she could possibly fit inside her case, and to try out a Korean sticker booth.



The first was easily achieved, but finding a sticker booth proved to be somewhat of a challenge. Despite how popular they appeared to be online, I could find no solid details of where to find one and it wasn’t until her last day we struck gold at this small but incredible sticker booth store in the Ssamzlegil complex in Insadong.
Tucked away on the top floor of this complex is a tiny store with only two sticker booths. Luckily for us, the workers spoke some English and were able to explain the different options and functions of our machine. It’s very similar to a standard photo machine used for passport photos, but it includes the rather hilarious options to lighten skin, eradicate lines and pimples and widen eyes, resulting in the user adopting a rather K-Pop style appearance! You also have the option to change the background.
photo booth
We opted for 6 photos each, 1 large and 5 small, but a number of different options are available. You can also hire traditional Korean hanboks for a small free.
After taking the pictures is the real fun part. You now have the opportunity to customize your photos on a different machine. As you can see we took this to the extreme and crammed our photos full of all the ridiculous images and wording we could fit in to the picture. There is a time limit to this part so make sure you hurry or you won’t get through all your photos! The staff however were very kind and because it was quiet when we came allowed us some extra time because it was a bit confusing to begin with.
 sticker booth
Overall, this was a brilliant detour from our shopping adventure and a fantastic memento to remind us of our time in Korea!
Cost: Varies depending on your choice/size of photos but I think our set of 6 was 6,000 won
Address: 44 Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
GPS Coordinates: 37.5741603, 126.98483839999994
Directions: The very last store on the top floor of the Ssamzlegil building in Insadong

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