The Best Doctor in Daegu for Women



Moving to a foreign country where the language isn’t easily grasped within a couple of months can be quite daunting. More so, women above the age of 21 need to start seeing a doctor annually for overall health, tests and exams specific to women which requires finding a trusted doctor (if you aren’t eligible for on-base medical care or choose to seek medical care locally).

The Facebook group ‘Women of Daegu’ and a couple of friends referred me to Ms. Ku, an English speaking young female doctor in the Beomeo area. She practices at Hyosung Women’s Hospital, a clean and orderly institution. The director of the hospital was even awarded with the JW-Sino Foreign Philanthropy Award (fun fact)!


Ms. Ku is very fluent in English, and one would think that due to her popularity it would take a while to hear back from her. However, she always responded to me within 24 hours and sometimes even within six hours. I have flooded her inbox with panicky and detailed questions and was still met with a courteous and professional response from her.

Her desk is located on the first floor in an open room across from the registration desks. She will ask you to fill out basic paperwork, and then she’ll escort you to your appointment so you don’t get lost in the hospital. Furthermore, she’ll introduce you to the gynecologist taking care of you, explain the process and ask you if you have any questions. You will meet with her again after the appointment.

Hyosung Hospital MapMs. Ku’s contact information:

Office number: 053-766-7073

Email address:

Hospital Website:

Address: 130 Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea

GPS Coordinates: 35.8714354, 128.601445


Directions: To get to Hyosung Hospital, you can tell a taxi driver “Hyosung Byungwon Ga Juseyo” which means you’d like to go to Hyosung Hospital. You can also get off at Daegu Bank subway station exit 2 and walk straight to the bus stop. Take bus 급행 2번 . Get off at 수성구보건소앞 and cross the street to the Hospital.

2 thoughts on “The Best Doctor in Daegu for Women

  1. Charisse says:

    I went to the same hospital for my yearly physical. I also took my son here to have his immunizations and any check ups he needed. Ms. Ku is awesome! She goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable and feel welcome. A friend had surgery and I visited her during her stay. Ms. Ku stopped by even when she was off duty to make sure she was comfortable and got her meds.


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