Shabu Suki, Songtan



Across the street from Lotte cinema in Songtan city hall is a great Korean restaurant, Shabu Suki, which serves Korean style Shabu-Shabu. Most Shabu-Shabu restaurants have set menus where you can choose between beef or seafood Shabu-Shabu, or you can get a set menu that includes both. This is what we did.

Whichever you choose will come with an assortment of vegetables like mushrooms, bean sprouts, cabbage, pumpkin, etc. A small dish with diced garlic, chili, and a lemon slice is also brought out with your dinner, to mix in with with the bottled red sauce on the table. It makes a nice dipping sauce to the Shabu-Shabu.


There are traditionally four steps to eat Korean Shabu-Shabu.

  1. vegetables       2. meat/seafood       3. noodles       4. porridge


First you boil the broth that is brought out to you in a large metal bowl.

ShabuSuki-002  ShabuSuki-003

Once boiling, add the vegetables to the broth. Once cooked you can either eat the vegetables by themselves or you can then add your meat/seafood to the broth which takes much less time to cook. We normally do a bit of both.

ShabuSuki-004  ShabuSuki-005

Once you’ve finished this part of your meal, the server will bring out noodles and dumplings. These are to add to your leftover broth.

Finally, once finished with your noodles, the server will bring out the final element to the meal. A bowl which looks very familiar to classic bibimbap – rice, mixed vegetables and an egg yolk. This is then mixed in to the leftover broth to create a savory rice porridge. Now your meal is complete!


Go up to the counter to pay for your meal. We chose the beef and seafood set menu for two, which cost 36,000 won.

ShabuSuki-009   ShabuSuki-008


Shabu Suki, Songtan

Address: Gwangwangteukgu-ro 16, Songtan

GPS Coordinates: 37.06657089999999, 127.06045670000003

Directions: In Songtan city hall, across the road from Lotte Cinema and a little further down on the right side. It’s on the second floor with another restaurant underneath on the ground floor.

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