Sasquatch Kitchen, Songtan



Sasquatch Kitchen is a relatively new addition to the Songtan ville, serving a mixture of American and Italian style food. The menu has a great mix of food choices – think pizza, pasta, jambalaya, salad etc.
Sasquatch    Sasquatch
Our group of four settled on French onion soup, cheese pizza, bulgogi jambalaya and meat tofe pasta.
Everything was a great choice but for me, the French onion soup really stole the show. It’s on the menu as an appetizer but can definitely be eaten as a whole meal. Served in a small black bowl with a layer of cheesy toasted bread on top, it reminded me exactly like the classic onion soup I ate in France as a kid.
The deep dish cheese pizza didn’t look like it would fill my ravenous partner, but it was surprisingly filling and he only managed 3/4 of it!
The decor is really nice and the whole place has quite a relaxed, chilled vibe, making it a great place for a small group of friends or for a romantic date night.
Sasquatch               Sasquatch             Sasquatch

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Sasquatch Kitchen, Songtan

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday: 11.00-22.00; Friday-Saturday: 11.00-00.00
Payment: Cash and credit cards accepted
Address: 302-9 Sinjang-dong, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
GPS Coordinates: 37.0803424, 127.05091700000003
Directions: From Osan AB main gate, walk straight down the main strip and take a right when you see the restaurant ‘Star Kebab’. Look up and it’s on the second floor directly opposite star kebab and a DVD store.

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