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Regensburg Christmas Market | www.germanyja.comOne of the things that Germany is most famous for besides Oktoberfest are their beautiful Christmas markets. Every year on the last weekend of November, the Christmas markets spring up all over Germany and are open until around the 24th of December. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, some of the Christmas markets will stay open longer.

Regensburg Christmas Market | www.germanyja.comWeihnachtsmarkt season is my FAVORITE season in Germany after autumn. And every year, I try to go to as many as I possibly can. Each market is unique in it’s own way. Many of the stands in the market sell hand made ornaments for the Christmas tree or decorations for the house. You can also buy lots of other goodies and knick knacks for Christmas gifts.

Regensburg’s Christkindlmarkt is especially romantic. I’m so glad I get to call this place home! The main Christmas market snuggly wraps itself around the 500 year old Neupfarrkirche, with the cathedral dominating the skyline, over looking the markets and there are tons of stalls for good food, lots of Glühwein and knickknacks to buy for gifts! The allies are lit up with romantic Christmas lights, stringing their way around town making for en evening stroll with a loved one incredibly memorable.

Not just that, but there are different areas throughout Regensburg that has Christmas stalls. You can stroll through the town and find markets at Haidplatz, Kohlenmarkt, Spitalgarten across the river at one of the beer gardens and finally the Romantic Christmas market at the Thurn & Taxis Palace. Each market offers something a bit different from dolls, lace, handmade goods and more!

Regensburg Christmas Market | www.germanyja.comRegensburg Christmas Market | www.germanyja.comThe best part of the Christmas markets is drinking warm Glühwein, which is malted red wine with spices. Sometimes they add slices of oranges to add flavor. Sometimes, it malted white wine. The best thing about drinking the Glühwein is that is always served in a cute little mug designed for that specific Christmas market/stall. You will have to pay a €2 – €3 pfand which you will get back after you have returned your glass. But I never do! I like to collect my glasses from different places as souvenirs, which make for good Glühwine drinking at home when guests come over! It’s always best too buy a bottle of Glühwein from any local grocery store and pretty-drink before going out to the markets. But you have to heat it up first! This is good for those on a low budget, as it can get expensive to drink a lot at the markets.

My second year at the Regensburg Christmas market, I stumbled upon Glühbier so I decided to try it! It’s malted warm beer. I know, normally when someone says warm beer, it’s a complete turn off. But it is a really interesting taste! If you get the chance, try it! However, my third year, I went back to the same stall and they didn’t have it because not enough people had it the year before, yet the lady said many people had been asking for it. So many this coming year they will bring it back!

Regensburg Christmas Market | www.germanyja.comThe special thing about Regensburg is that there are two beautiful Christmas carousels, one small and one larger for children to ride on. Just in front of the Galleria Kaufhof is the larger, more beautiful carousel. I wish I could ride on it, but they are more made for small children who are too young to sip on Glühwein!

There is an amazing of the Regensburg Christmas market from the top of the Galleria Kaufhof restaurant. You can see that the Christmas market surrounds the Neupfarrkirche by going inside the big shopping center and taking the elevator/escalator to the very top floor where the restaurant is. It’s completely free to go up and offers some pretty amazing views of the market and the cathedral!

Make sure to check out the Thurn & Taxis Weihnachtsmarkt, if you have some extra time! If you go during the day time, the prices are a bit higher, but come 9pm the prices drop down to 2ueros a person. Which still gives you 2 hours of walking around! This is a unique feeling Christmas market as you walk around with torch lit walkways and different things to snack on and try. You might even get to see Princess Gloria from Thurn und Taxis and her family like to mix with the guests at this event!

Regensburg Christmas Market | www.germanyja.comTips For Your Trip:

Regensburg Christkindlmarkt websiteRegensburg Christmas Market |

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Other things to do in Regensburg

Neupfarrplatz Market:

Entrance is free

Open Days:

November 23 – December 23, 2015

Open Times:

Sunday – Wednesday: 1000 – 2000
Thursday – Saturday: 1000-2100

Address for your GPS:

Neupfarrplatz 12
93047 Regensburg, Germany

Thurn & Taxis Palace Romantic Market:

Open Days:Regensburg Christmas Market |

November 25 – December 23, 2015

Open Times:

Sunday – Wednesday: 1200 – 2200
Thursday – Saturday: 1200- 2300

Address for your GPS:

Thurn & Taxis Palace
93047 Regensburg, Germany

Entrance fee for the Thurn & Taxis Palace Market:

Monday – Friday: €6.50
Saturday – Sunday: €8.50
Children (Age 6-16): €2.00

Night Owl Prices:
Sunday-Thursday from 2000: €3.00
Friday-Saturday from 2100: €4.00

Lucreziamarkt at Haidplatz & Kohlenmarkt:

Entrance is freeRegensburg Christmas Market |
Specializes in arts & crafts

Open Days:

November 27 – December 23, 2015

Open Times:

Daily: 1100-2000

Address for your GPS:

Rote-Hahnen-Gasse 2
93047 Regensburg, Germany

Market in Katharinenspital/Stadtamhof:

Entrance is free

Open Days:

November 26 – December 23, 2015

Open Times:

Monday – Friday: 1600 – 2200
Saturday: 1100 – 2200
Sunday: 1100 – 2100

Address for your GPS:

An der Schierstadt 1
93059 Regensburg, Germany

California Globetrotter originally published this article on her blog; we are republishing it here with her permission.



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