Glasses, Contact Lenses & Lasik in Korea



Korea has seen a vast influx of medical tourism in recent years, and after having my fair share of medical concerns whilst living here I can certainly see why. This post outlines the options you have off base in Osan in regards to eye care.
korea contacts

Contact Lenses

There are a number of stores around Osan AB that cater to English speaking customers but perhaps the most convenient is Sun Optical straight out of the main gate on the right side. This is where I got my eyes tested (for free!) and purchased my monthly contact lenses. Three months worth, or monthlies, will cost you 40,000 won, while 1 month of dailys will set you back 70,000. The staff are professional and really helpful, and the process was quick and easy. No need to set up an appointment.

Note: Sun Optical also accepts dollars and will convert the won price using the current exchange rate.


Sun Optical also has a range of glasses to purchase, which will then be fitted with your prescription. I bought 2 pairs with prescription for 70,000 won. You can also bring in any pair of non-prescription glasses or sunglasses you have purchased elsewhere and they will put in new lenses with your prescription for 35,000 won.
Sun Optical Directions: Exit Osan main gate and turn right. It’s a few stores down on your right side. Directly opposite Locos Tacos restaurant.

Korea -- Lasik eye surgery in Korea operation --
Lasik Eye Surgery

For those interested in permanently eradicating their poor eye sight, Korea is a fantastic opportunity to undergo laser eye surgery at a fraction of a Western price tag. Gangnam is where the majority of Lasik surgeries are located. Glory Eye Seoul has fantastic reviews from many Westerners and a number of my friends swear it is the best money they’ve ever spent. Cost is 1.3 million won plus 37,000 for the after care prescription eye drops.
They take walk-ins as well as booked appointments. An in depth consultation lasting a few hours is needed to check your suitability. This can be done on the same day as your surgery or the surgery can be scheduled for a later date. The surgery itself lasts approximately 15-20minutes. Many establishments, including Glory Eye, will also provide overnight hotel accommodation neary post surgery which is incredibly useful if you live far from Gangnam. The manager of Glory Eye is Chris Lee, he speaks excellent English and is who I would recommend to call for more information.
Glory Eye Directions: Gangnam station Exit 12: walk 2-3 buildings down and it’s on the left side.

One thought on “Glasses, Contact Lenses & Lasik in Korea

  1. N says:

    70,000₩ for 1 box of monthly contact lenses is incredibly pricey in Korea. They usually run around 40,000₩ per box. I’d suggest going to City Hall or Seoul to buy lenses so you don’t get ripped off!


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