Photo of the Week: Garden Statue at Palace Linderhoff


Statue at Palace Linderhof |

Our photo of the week is a statue in the garden of Linderhof Palace.

King Ludwig II, otherwise known as Mad King Ludwig, the Swan King or the Fairy Tale King had quite the reputation back in the 1800s when he lived and ruled. But as time goes on, his following continues to grow. Over 50 million people have visited his castles in Bavaria.

Ludwig wished to be a “eternal mystery” to himself and others. An “eternal mystery” only scratches the surface of Ludwig’s life, death and personality. Perhaps that is why people flock to his sites over a hundred years after his death. Or maybe his fairy tale visions of what a king and his castles should be still ring true and that is what we are drawn to.

Linderhof, only one of Ludwig’s many dwellings, is a jewel box – small, exquisite in details, and not to be forgotten.

For more information about Linderhof, click the link below. 

Linderhof Palace

For more information about Ludwig II’s other castles and palaces, click the links below.




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