Daewangam Park in Ulsan


Daewangam Park playground (1)

The city of Ulsan was a short hour and half drive from Daegu and I was pleased with the amenities of the park. Clean and modern restrooms were available. Pamplets in English were provided and the information desk employees were accommodating and spoke English.

Daewangam Park ocean (1)

Daewangan means the “the great king’s rock”. Legend tells the story of the queen of the Shilla dynasty was buried at this site. In order to protect her people even in death, she turned into a dragon. I love the stories and legends that go along with the Korean culture.

Daewangam Park ocean (2)

Daewangam Park ocean

Tour buses were plentiful and the parking lot had ample space for all the visitors. Luckily, we arrived around 9 am and grabbed a spot with no problem. After we toured the park and left around 1 pm, the parking lot was full and cars were circling around like vultures waiting for someone to leave and free up a space.

Daewangam Park oyster farmers

There were coffee shops, restaurants and convenience stores found at the entrance. It was a nice place to unwind after a long drive and grab some snacks before gearing up for a hike.

Daewangam Park playground (3)

Daewangam Park playground (5)

The playground was shaped into a large dragon and was a sight to see. My toddler thoroughly enjoyed the numerous slides and climbing up to the highest peak.

Daewangam Park playground (4)

Soon after we started our hike and enjoyed the scenery, we stumbled upon a lighthouse and forest totems along the way. Finally, we found the edge of the park and the clusters of rocks connected by an impressive bridge. The views were spectacular and the climb up for an optimal view was accomplished with ease.

Daewangam Park papa2

Daewangam Park dragon

It was beautiful and refreshing to feel the ocean breeze. The sounds of the waves breaking against the rocky shore was also relaxing. It was well worth the trip to Ulsan and was simple to find. Signs for the park were clearly marked and in English leading you from the main roads.

Daewangam Park lighthouse

Daewangam Park forest

After descending from the dragon formation rocks, we also saw an oyster farm. The farmers were busy wading and some diving to gather the oysters for the day’s catch.

Daewangam Park hike


Daewangam Park in Ulsan

Cost: Free

Hours: Open 24 hours a day year-round, though concessions will not be available outside regular business hours

Address: Ilsan-dong, Dong-gu, Ulsan Bangeo-dong

GPS Coordinates (approximate): 35.4862466, 129.42401760000007

Here are a few websites with information and directions on how to get there:

Site in English

Another site with helpful information

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