Bayreuth Christmas Market

CONTRIBUTED BY MERIL CHICKINI Note: This article was published in 2013, but the information at the bottom has been updated for the 2015 Christmas market season! Enjoy! Bayreuth Germany Christmas Market; This weekend our family decided to visit Bayreuth Christmas Market. Bayreuth and the drive there never fail to impress me, plus it’s only a 25 minute ride away from where I live in Grafenwoehr. Bayreuth has so much to offer, and if you plan to go there on Sunday, don’t forget to walk around the Eremitage that is open on Sundays as well. Bayreuth Germany Christmas Market;

Although we had planned to be there at 10ish we were running late because it was, after all, Saturday, and everybody was enjoying the lazy morning. I have to say if you are planning on going to one of the markets, try to get there early rather than arriving fashionably late. Finding parking can be a pain during the holiday season. We usually park in the Rotmain Center because it has two big parking garages, but when we got there a bit after 11, one of them was already full and the other one was letting cars in one by one as people were leaving. We got lucky and had to wait only 10 minutes.

Then we were in and ready to start exploring. We quickly walked through the center to cross the walking bridge that connects the old town with the shopping center. That was faster than waiting on the traffic lights on the road, plus it’s neat to just walk over the pedestrian bridge. And there it was…Bayreuth Christmas Market.

Just like any other Christmas market in Germany, the town square is in full decorations for Christmas. There’s a big tree surrounded by all the stands selling different foods, snacks, drinks, ornaments and even small toys for kids. If you have kids then be ready for the rides too. If you get lucky, you might even see Santa walking around.

We decided to grab something quick to eat and when we spotted a big sign for langos we knew what we were getting. Langos are Hungarian snacks: pizza dough fried in oil and covered with garlic oil, cheese, ham and sour cream. They come with other toppings too. Although it looked like Bayreuth hadn’t got any snow it was freezing cold.  We ate our langos, walked around, and our kids got to go on one of the rides. Langos; Bayreuth Germany Christmas Market; By the time they got off the ride, we were all ready to go back to the warmth of the shopping center and enjoy the Christmas decorations there. They also have fun activities for kids in the middle of the shopping center: coloring and games with gingerbread house decoration. I know Santa will come to the center but I didn’t see his schedule. If you are interested a call to the Rotmain Center might be in order. We had a fun Saturday, and when we finally headed home we were ready to lie down and take naps! Center; Bayreuth Germany Christmas Market;

Bayreuth Christmas Market Information:

Bayreuth Christmas Market Website


November 27 – December 23, 2015


Daily: 1000-1930

Address for GPS:

Maximilianstraße 95444 Bayreuth

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